Feudalism vs. Democracy
Feudalism is the system of government that most of the world lived under until recent history. This system gives ultimate power and ownership to a King and his appointed court members.

The King is replaced only by blood hereditary heirs, as are other members of the court. This system which had caused immense suppression, poverty, and suffering to the ordinary masses began to be challenged throughout Europe with the English Civil War led by Oliver Cromwell.

America, France, Russia and Germany continued the revolution, snatching power away from the established Royal families, and attempting to construct new social orders.  Equality has always been the dream of the idealists who rose up against the fascistic powers of feudalism. The idea that the people have their own divine right to rule themselves, is the idea that inspired the American Constitution.  It is the idealistic nature of Democracy that has created a world where, at least in theory, people have human rights of protection under the law, equal access to education and employment, and the freedom to attempt to fulfill their individual Destiny, regardless of their birthright.

Communism, though it's name has been blackened by the Cold War conflict between Russia and her one-time allies, was an attempt to realize the same freedom of the individual from lowest to highest.  In fact, most countries that revolted against medieval feudal systems where power was concentrated in the hands of a very few individuals, chose Communism as a substitute system for a people who were unfamilar to the freedoms of self-rule.  To outsiders, many communist structures seemed as undemocratic as the feudal system they replaced, but perhaps they were an unavoidable stepping stone from extreme medieval structures into those of the modern world.

The dream of democracy and equality is still unrealized in actuality.

The King's power always lay not only in his birthright, but also in his wealth and ownership.  When we look at the democratic nations of today we do not see a fair distribution of power that democracy demands because we do not see the fair distribution of wealth and ownership.  In fact, recent statistics show that the richest 10 percent of America controls 88 percent of all stock & bonds and real estate.  The real question now is who are the 10 percent?  Land ownership is one of the keys to maintaining wealth, not only as the land itself is of great value, but also the raw materials that it contains will be similarly owned. Therefore, those who were first to gain control of the land are likely to have gleaned the wealth that the land has to offer, and those who first owned the land are the same feudal power elite.  The immense wealth they extricated came free of charge.

This has been the case across the globe as vast swathes of land, their minerals, oil and other riches have been taken by the aristocratic families of Europe, particularly in
Africa and South America.  Thus, while the surface system of democracy was eroding the absolute power of these hereditary bloodlines, the real power of their wealth within the capitalistic system was by no means declining.  Indeed, slave abolitionist Abraham Lincoln warned Congress "If we do not curb the power of the Corporations we will not see this experiment of freedom succeed".

It is no coincidence that the vast Drakensberg Mountains that cover most of South Africa, famous for their wealth of diamond, silver and gold mines, and where the largest seam of gold ever was discovered, are named after the Imperial & Royal
Dragon Sovereignty bloodlines of Europe.

Ninety percent of the world's raw diamonds are sold through a single family-owned company, De Beers of London.  Queen Elizabeth's husband Prince Philip owns most of Madagascar, rich with oil and gold.  It is unknown just how much land is owned by Britain's Royal Family, but a brief glance at the globe shows their namesake upon much of it.  Not only are these "possessions" rich in raw materials, but their political indentity makes them international "tax havens", which according to a recent Organization for Economic Development & Co-operation (OECD) government report, allows for
"harmful tax practices and money laundering" ie. non-payment of taxes and drug money.  A detailed list of "Rogue States" showed the majority were owned by the British Royal Crown and the Dutch Royal Crown, whose Prince Bernhard was the co-creator of the "Bilderberg Group" and the "European Council of Princes", which is now headed by Prince Michael Stewart of the Imperial and Royal Dragon Court.

Prince Bernhard also created the massive oil/petro-chemical corporation "Royal Dutch/Shell Oil", who have a legacy of environmental destruction, exploitation and murder in Africa, in particular Nigeria, and he and his family remains Royal Dutch/Shell Oil's majority owner. Incidently, Royal Dutch/Shell Oil is a major client of Texas-based Halliburton, the world's largest oil services company, where Dick Cheney was Chief Executive Officer until he was called upon to become America's newest Vice President.  Conveniently, Prince Bernhard now has a friend running the White House.

But this is hardly surprising considering that President G.W. Bush's great great grandfather Herbert Walker attended an elite Jesuit private school in Great Britain - Stoneyhurst College - whose college emblem just happens to be the enigmatic and historically relevant "Cross of Lorraine"; that symbolizes the secret beliefs of the Grail/Dragon Bloodlines within occult circles. Other Stoneyhurst alumni listed on their website include ex-director of the CIA General Vernon Walters.

The feudal system also survived in a literal sense through the
Occult and alchemical secret societies such as the Rosicrucians and Freemasons whose top ranks have always been drawn from the aristocracy, and proof of an unbroken bloodline from father to son is always demanded.  The Grand Lodge of London, the White House of international Freemasonry, has always had British royalty at its head.

Freemasonry has always been popular in Establishment organizations such as the military, government, police and judicial system, the military-industrial complex has easily grown away from and beyond the control of the individual voter.  British subjects who believe their own prominent Royal family to be nothing more than a patriotic figure head, were surprised when Britain's Prince Philip attended the funeral of Emperor Hirohito of Japan.  British survivors of the horrendous Japanese death camps were horrified that their King should show such respect for this "Hitler of the East", an untried war criminal, before showing compassion for his own subjects who had suffered so greatly at the Emperor's hands. This fact alone reveals that Democracy is only the mask of the current feudal system that now controls with a big lie, instead of a big stick.

Perhaps the new struggle of the Democracy movement is to discover exactly how the Feudalist secret societies infiltrate and manipulate the ideals of Democracy.

Political commentator and author Gore Vidal said recently "The greatest challenge for the next President will be to zero in on the precise links between the Military and the Corporations".  He first suggested this to President Kennedy following his election.  Kennedy smirked and responded "It would take my full attention for an entire term to find that out".  JFK never did find the answer.

Judging by the Gore/Bush Presidential elections, where the right to vote doesn't necessarily mean that vote will be counted, Gore Vidal's cousin Al Gore was perhaps similarly "assassinated" by the hidden forces of Feudalism acting within the illusion of Democracy.

As President Bill Clinton's former advisor Sidney Blumenthal observes in his book "The Clinton Wars": There was an
"Italianate conspiracy" arrayed against Clinton, "an intricate, covert, amoral operation bent on power", and that ultimately Clinton was hounded by the extreme Right because "he did not share their Biblical global vision."

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