The Holy Grail
The Holy Grail is literally the cup from which Christ drank at the Last Supper, yet it has come to symbolize many things to many people.  Most popularly the Grail legends of King Arthur give the cup the metaphorical power of fertility and healing. The Knights of the Round Table in seeking the cup remained on the path of Truth that led to the rejuvenation of the soul, and thus allowed for a Spiritual rebirth.  

The authentic path is derived from Gnostic Christian teachings of walking between the opposing poles of darkness and light during the highs and lows of one's life.  This enables an understanding of the negativity and suffering that is sure to be endured when one pursues Truth in a world of deception.  Pain and pleasure, suffering and joy are equally accepted when following one's Bliss.  This Buddha and Christ-like concept of compassion and understanding of the sufferings of the world is central to the achieving of Enlightenment, and always the final realization of the victim, yet most often the first cynical discovery of the predator.

As the
Rosicrucian "Secret Doctrine" clearly illustrates by their misunderstanding of these divine concepts, it is conveniently easy for the perpetrator to tell the victim who suffers that there is in fact no difference between joy and suffering or pain and pleasure in the Rosicrucian "morally neutral realm of Spirit".

To others the Holy Grail has a much more material meaning.  When Gnostic Christianity re-emerged in 12th Century Europe, stories abounded about the true Historical Christ.  Many believed Jesus had not been crucified but had in fact survived and had children.  This left the way open for some bold families to claim descent from Christ, which had obvious political ramifications.  Elaborate family trees were traced back through a thousand years and came to be known as the Bloodlines of the Holy Grail.  As squabbles arose amongst these already powerful aristocratic families, even more elaborate heritages were fabricated to reach as far back as Solomon, King David, and beyond.

Many conspiracy theories exist claiming that these families are Jewish, but they stem from a misunderstanding of "The Protocols of the Elders of Sion", which are likely sourced from an occult-inspired manifesto for world conquest written towards the end of the 1800's.  Because its rhetoric appeared to be Jewish in origin with references to "Zion" and "Solomon's Temple", it was used by the Nazis as proof of a Jewish global conspiracy, and still is by
neo-Nazi groups today.  However, those uninitiated into the secret societies will be unaware that the Grail fraternity also use this kind of language.

While they claim to be the "Kings" of the Jews, they do
not consider themselves Jewish.  In fact, they believe they are of pure Aryan heritage, descended from the Kingly lines before the inclusion of the Semitic tribes.  They are the Rosicrucian "super-Christians" and claim descent through Christ and the magician King Solomon, but not via Abraham.  They believe they are descended from the bloodline of Cain (fathered by the Serpent) who slew his half-brother Abel; claiming the Cain lineage became the Pharaohs of Egypt, who subsequently enslaved the sons of Abraham, the Jews.  Ancient Egypt is the origin of the "Great White Brotherhood", who's Occult tradition they continue.  These Kings of the Jews are apparently untouched by Semitic blood, hence their loathing of ordinary Semitic Jews, who are perceived as a threat to their tradition.

The Protocols of the Elders of Sion, signed by the "Representatives of Sion of the 33rd Degree" are not the work of the sons of Abraham, the Jewish people, but the work of the 33rd degree quasi-Masonic and Rosicrucian "Sion" conspirators and their Masters - the 33 Royal Houses of Europe who claim to have Holy Blood, or Holy Graal.

As the Kings of the Jews, the Rex Deus/Grail families have claimed rights and territories including Jerusalem itself, and an ultimate authority over the Pope.  To keep consistency with ideas of aristocracy, it was impossible for Jesus to be the son of a mere carpenter.  Therefore,  they believe that Jesus was a high priest of the Temple of Jerusalem, coming from the aristocratic Aryan bloodline of the
Kings of the Jews.  The myth of a simple carpenter attaining eternal life was abhorrent to the rulers of a society so steeped in class structure.  Indeed, the numerous secret societies and military orders such as the Templars or the Knights Malta were founded and structured upon these same pure bloodline claims and beliefs.

This belief in genetic superiority has always been the source of political intrigue and conflict throughout Europe's bloody history, and saw its most visible and recent incarnation in the Aryan bloodline claims of the
Nazis.  Attempts to purify and genetically engineer the entire German race ended with the insanity of the Holocaust.

In occult and alchemical secret societies the Holy Grail is not only representative of pure Aryan blood, but also of the womb of Mary Magdalene, whom they believe was the wife of Jesus.  This is consistent with the vampiric tradition sustained by Dracula and the
Dragon Court of the drinking of human blood to gain rejuvenation, eternal life and magickal powers.  Unfortunately, both of these attempts to concretize a mythological symbol have failed to understand the depth of the symbol.

The Grail is first heard of in tales of the Last Supper, which in the Gnostic tradition of the Historical Christ was a ritual based upon the Tantric teachings of Tibet and India.  These teachings are about the enjoyment of the wine that fills the Grail, and reach for the mystical answer to the always human question "Why do we drink of the cup?" 

Meaning "Why do we live?".

Symbolically, the Quest for the Grail is the quest for the answer to this eternal question, which can only be found by following the true path and teachings of one's Destiny.

By materializing the cup as opposed to the contents, the pure bloodline fraternities are perhaps eating the menu, instead of the food.

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