Holy Roman Empire
The Holy Roman Empire started when Charlemagne conquered ancient Europe on behalf of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, smashing the Celtic and Pagan nature-cult religions and replacing them with Roman Catholicism.

From the 8th Century, the Holy Roman Empire shared power with the Church, although throughout history conflicts arose as the Emperors ironically clung to the Pagan and Gnostic beliefs and practices that they had eradicated on behalf of the Church.  By the 12th Century, the Church's beliefs were moving towards what we now see as modern Catholicism, and a great schism occurred between Church and Empire.  This feud of 100 years resulted in the simultaneous rise of three different Popes who all sought the support of the Emperor.

Unity was finally achieved under Emperor Sigismund who saw the danger of a fractured belief system.  While he remained loyal to his Occult beliefs, Sigimund gave his political support to the strict dogma of the
Roman Catholic Church as we see it today, which moved to abolish any such Gnostic practices from amongst the ordinary peoples of the Empire through the introduction of the horrific Inquisition.
Simultaneously, Emperor Sigismund consolidated the power of the
Holy Grail bloodline Royal families of Europe by the creation of the occult and alchemical Imperial and Royal Dragon Court and Order - the "Secret Church" within the Church.

All subsequent Holy Roman Emperors, such as the Habsburgs who remained in power for 600 years until they were defeated by Napoleon Bonaparte, have remained loyal to the Dragon Court, while also maintaining power and influence within the orthodox Roman Catholic Church.

Not surprisingly, some of the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church and secret Catholic orders such as the Priory of Sion and the Knights of Malta have similarly remained loyal to both the Roman Catholic Church and the occult Secret Church of the Holy Roman Empire, with its
Rosicrucian "Secret Doctrine".

When Hitler spoke of the Third Reich, meaning
Third Empire, he was speaking of the restoration of the Holy Roman Empire and its Secret Church, led by the "pure bloodline" fraternity.

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