Neo-Nazism is perhaps ill-named as it implies that the original Nazi movement at some point ended or disappeared. In fact, the Nazis were only part of a much broader white supremacist movement to restore Feudalism and the Holy Roman Empire in Europe.

Before the beginning of World War II Hitler and the
Nazis were funded in large part by American industrialists who were comfortable investing in a country were the workforce was extremely controlled and the union movement was outlawed.  Mussolini's fascist Italy also attracted huge investments at a time when America's trade union movement was at its most rebellious.

This unprecedented shift in capital from America to Italy and Nazi Germany was a major contributing factor to the Great Depression of 1929 to 1941.  Corporations such as Rockefeller's Standard Oil, Alfred P. Sloan's General Motors, Henry Ford II's Ford Motor Company, and others financed Hitler's industrial war machine, and indeed directly profited from the slave labor of the war years, as recent law suits have proven.  It has been documented that Henry Ford gave Hitler personal birthday gifts of up to $30,000 prior to the war.  When leading journalists of the day such as George Seldes attempted to inform the American public of this unholy alliance and its implications to American freedoms, they were promptly silenced by the Press barons who openly supported the Fascist movement in their numerous journals.  In fact, according to a recent biography, William Randoph Hearst had Hitler and Mussolini on his payroll as columnists, and racist articles written by Hitler have been recovered.  Multi-millionare Hearst believed Hitler could be
"a great world leader".  Ironically, one of Hollywood's founding fathers Charlie Chaplin was promptly deported from America following the release of his classic film "The Great Dictator", which mocked and ridiculed Hitler.

When Hitler's attempt to create a Third Empire (Third Reich) failed, many leading Nazis escaped through the
Knights of Malta and Vatican "Rat Run" to the Americas.  Far from disappearing, the Nazi movement and its racist ideology became a force both at grass roots and elite levels.  Street level neo-Nazism is particularly interesting for its overt use of Christian and Biblical rhetoric.  However, this is hardly surprising when the most powerful of neo-Nazi elite secret societies are directly linked to the Holy Roman Catholic Church.  Specifically, the Knights of Malta, Italian Masonic lodge "P2", and Holy Roman Empire restorationists "The Priory of Sion" have all been proven to be linked to the hierarchy of the Vatican.  Global members of these fascist groups participate at the highest levels of the military, international politics, and finance.

"P2" (Propaganda 2) are perhaps the most visable, and are named after the propaganda machine of Nazi Joseph Goebbels, that effectively mind controlled the German people into believing their Rosicrucian racist ideology that led to the

P2 has been linked to the Mafia, and directly implicated in the death of Pope John Paul I in 1978, as revealed by the acclaimed book "In God's Name" by respected journalist David Yallop.

It is widely known that Pope John Paul I demanded resignations from Vatican insiders who were members of P2, and were involved in major money laundering for the Mafia through the Vatican Bank.  He also planned a complete reshuffle of the staff in the power structure of the Vatican.  The next night he was found dead in his room with a list of names scattered over his body, and was prompty buried without an autopsy.  Those listed were retained, and many were promoted to positions of more responsibilty and power, including Chicago's Bishop Paul Marcinkus who handled Vatican investments, and who eluded a suspicious Italian police by remaining within the Vatican's walls. 

While these criminal and financial intrigues were no doubt of great importance to the members of the secret societies implicated in the Pope's death, perhaps the biggest threat posed by this controversial Pope was his vocal ideology.  During his short reign of thirty days Pope John Paul I had announced that God was
"not only your father, but also your mother".  He had chosen to reveal one of the ancient truisms of the "Secret Church", the Gnostic Christian concept of the dual nature of God.  His sudden death also came at a time when the Vatican Press feverishly relayed messages from "The Virgin Mary" who was appearing to children in Portugal.  "A great warning" was coming for the world, that would be "good for some, and bad for others".  Five years before the surfacing of AIDS, perhaps Pope John Paul I was fully aware of the real nature of this warning, and its true source?

John Paul I was also close to relaxing the Church's stance on birth control, and was about to meet a US Congressional delegation on global population.  These issues would promote economic and political stability in the very countries where the Power Elites exercise most control -
Africa and South America are important assets not to be given up lightly, and were the battlegrounds of the Cold War, as Old World Imperialism and New World economics of greed and expansion aimed to halt any real self-determination in these countries.  It is ironic to note that the unseen and newly emerging spread of HIV/AIDS would have been stunted by the widespread use of contraceptive condoms at this exact time.  Pope John Paul I's successor Pope John Paul II would make condom use the central issue of his Third World campaigns during the 1980's, even though he was fully aware of the massive threat of HIV/AIDS.

"P2", like Hitler's own "SS", are the elite of the international neo-Nazi movement, yet like Hitler and his occult inner circle, P2 are the ground troops of an even more powerful hierarchical elite.  Britain's respected newspaper "The Guardian" portayed the structure of P2 as a pyramid beneath a pyramid.  Its Grand Master, while at the apex of the P2 pyramid, was only at the base of the controlling power structure.  It was revealed by a former member of P2, Mino Pecorelli, that the organization was ultimately controlled by the Knights of Malta and their allies within the CIA.  Following this revelation, Pecorelli, like so many that have spoken out before him, was found dead.  Shortly after, P2's Roberto Calvi, who handled Vatican finances and faced corruption charges, was found hanging under Blackfriar's Bridge in London, presumably also killed to protect the inner secrets of international secret societies and their feudalistic
web of intrigue.

It is known that P2's former Grand Master Licio Gelli is also a Knight of Malta, as are most of Gelli's inner circle within this neo-fascist Masonic lodge, which has members and affiliated lodges throughout the world, particulary in Europe and South America.  And P2 are intrinsically linked at the highest level to the mysterious Priory of Sion; the "I'm a Dragon but still a Catholic" secret fraternity sworn to protect the
Dragon/Grail heritage, and restore and expand the Holy Roman Empire in any capacity.

According to the "Holy Blood Holy Grail" authors, only two days after his appointment as Grand Master of Sion, Pierre Plantard de St. Clair met with P2's Grand Master Licio Gelli.  Following the Italian authorities raid on Gelli's Roman villa in 1981, files were discovered listing members of affiliated secret societies, indicating the pools of recruitment for this "cabal within a cabal".  Included were the Roman Catholic Church's ideologically fascistic quasi-cult Opus Dei, who have thousands of members worldwide, and possess immense investments in land and businesses.  Their new American headquarters built in New York City in 1999 cost over $42 million.  Also uncovered were membership lists of the Knights Templar, another trans-Masonic fraternity of pseudo-aristocratic bloodlines and initiates.  Needless to say, the vast web of connections of the international neo-Nazi movement has
impeccable credentials.

While Gelli is now serving a prison sentence for fraud, Roberto Calvi's widow fingered former Italian Prime Minister and Opus Dei member Giulio Andreotti as the true head of P2.  It is no surprise that Andreotti is also alleged to be a member of the Priory of Sion.

Italy's current Prime Minister
Silvio Berlusconi, who effectively controls 90% of Italy's film, TV and radio through his media empire, is known to be a former member of P2, and much has been written about his rise to political and economic preeminence with P2's direct support.  Berlusconi's recent tenure as President of the European Union gave him a greater international legitamacy, and could feasibly have allowed the hidden Dragon Empire to tighten its grip on Europe once again.

With neo-Nazism's solid links to both the Rosicrucian "Secret Church" and the official Roman Catholic Church, it is not surprising that street level neo-Nazi organizations such as "The Arm of the Lord and the Coven of the Sword", "Stormfront", and "Christian Identity", use symbology and rhetoric from both camps.  The "cross within a circle", like the Swastika before it, is central to Rosicrucianism, and has become the corporate symbol of neo-Nazism.  White supremacist claims are backed up by biblical references of a traditional Christian nature, thus creating a quasi-occult and Christian belief system that is as confusing to the world today, as it was under the
Third Empire of the Nazis. This may also explain why Fascism and Nazism held ground in the most Catholic of countries: Germany, Italy, Austria, Croatia and Spain.

With friends in such high places, it is not surprising that the neo-Nazi movement today has the unshakable self-confidence to persistently deny that the Holocaust ever occurred.  Even the written admission by the Holocaust's infamous architect Adolf Eichmann fails to convince.  But this is wholly consistent with the neo-Nazi's
Rosicrucian ideology that teaches "to control the will, one must deny the negative consequences of one's actions".
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