Rosicrucianism is a mystical belief system and ideology that pursues spiritual and alchemical goals largely through Occult and Christian Gnostic paths. However, throughout history its endeavors have largely been to gain material power on the material plane, and the deep Gnostic teachings have become twisted. 

The core of the Secret Doctrine of Rosicrucianism, or Mystic Christianity,  is the pursuit of psychic power to control the mind of one's self and others.  Through the control of one's will, one gains the unification of one's psychic energies, although it is accepted that certain negative emotions such as guilt, are the inevitable consequence of attempts to control another human being.  However, the doctrine overcomes these human feelings by requiring the student to "polarize themselves at the positive pole of a particular emotional state, and by a process of refusing or denial they manage to escape the effects of the swing of the emotional pendulum to the negative pole."

The philosophy goes so far as to state that there is no difference between these two poles or opposites and thus negativity or darkness can be perceived as positivity and light.  The Master has learned to strengthen his own will, and control others, directly through the repression of his emotions.  The initiated Rosicrucian therefore looks upon the pain and suffering of the world as being no different from the opposing pole of peace and happiness, and in fact believes that one cannot exist without the other.  Thus for peace to exist in one country, war must be raging in another, for wealth and abundance to exist in one region, poverty and famine must exist in another.

These mystical theories of opposites stem from Eastern Gnostic concepts of the dual energies of Man that are metaphysically expressed through the act of sex.

Sex ritual and sexual concepts are central to the alchemical Secret Doctrine, as great Power is believed to be released by the union of the pairs of opposites -
"Sex is the cause of all creation, for creation always results from generation, and generation proceeds from sex activity".

Though these ideas have developed from Indian Tantric traditions, within Rosicrucianism they have merged with Pagan ideas of sexual fertility ritual.  The goal of the Rosicrucian initiate is to gain magickal powers, as opposed to the Indian goal of attaining Enlightenment - an experience of the Love of God.

The Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucians, published anonymously early in the 20th Century by a senior Rosicrucian "Magus Incognito", was threatened with a lawsuit by the worldwide Rosicrucian Order (AMORC) for revealing the secrets of the order -- although AMORC is just one of many organizations that subscribes to Rosicrucian philosophy -- beliefs that are the foundation of all so-called mystical or occult groups including Freemasonry.  As the Secret Doctrine states "The possession of Knowledge unaccompanied by a manifestation and expression in Action, is like the hoarding of precious metals.  Forget not the Law of Use, in this and all other things".  One must ask what this "magickal" power is to be used for?

According to their dogma, it is the mission of the Rosicrucian initiate to assist in the evolution of human consciousness.

However, their evolutionary theories are fundamentally racist.  According to their beliefs, each race is of a higher or lesser degree of consciousness.  One race may only step forward to a higher plane when the lowest race is annihilated -- by whatever means it is their unfortunate "destiny" to endure.  As theories of reincarnation are also central to the Rosicrucian belief system, such racial genocides are not considered to be negative, but in fact, most positive.

"The individuals of any sub-race who have outstripped their fellows in spiritual unfoldment, are still bound by race ties to their brothers, until the great body of the sub-race moves up to the position of the individual... Great convulsions of Nature destroy practically all traces of the preceding civilization, and leave but few survivors".

The rich and powerful man is believed to be spiritually and genetically of a higher order than the poor man
"The law of rebirth and consequences is the only law that can satisfactorily make sense of justice.  It explains why individuals are born into wealth or poverty, joy or sorrow, peace or conflict". The indigenous peoples of the world are considered "a remnant of degraded human creatures, persisting in incarnation for thousands of years, being composed of those souls not sufficiently advanced to take part in the life of the new races.  These left overs are in evidence in the cases of the Australian savages, the African bushmen, and the Indians, and others of a similar low order of developments".

The higher ranks of Freemasonry are the lower ranks of the exclusive Rosicrucian orders. The Knights of Malta, the Knights Templar, the Priory of Sion etc. are instructed in these Occult beliefs; which means many powerful people have been conditioned to internalize these dehumanizing values.

At first glance it may appear that the Catholic monastic orders are at odds with Rosicrucianism, however, the historical "civilizing" and "educational" mission of the Jesuits is rooted in these same beliefs.  It is believed by scholars that the inner-circle mystic teachings of the Jesuits and Rosicrucianism are essentially the same thing.  Pope John Paul II's announcement that
"God is a supreme being with both male and female qualities", contradicts traditional Catholic teaching, and is essentially a Rosicrucian/Gnostic concept.  In fact, the orthodox Roman Catholic Church has always been fundamentally linked with the Rosicrucian Secret Church. It is alleged that Pope John XXIII was Grand Master of the Priory of Sion during his papal reign, and the creator of the Cistercian monks St. Bernard was involved in the formation of the Knights Templar.  Rosicrucians believe that "Christ taught the laws of rebirth and consequences secretly to his disciples, but requested that these two laws not be taught publically for 2000 years".  Traditional Catholicism's obsession with sex, is also a result of the Vatican's knowledge of these secret teachings.

According to aristocratic historian Sir Laurence Gardner, the British contingent of the Imperial and Royal
Dragon Court embodies the "Knights Templar of St.Anthony" and resides within the "Rosicruciana Anglicae" fraternity -- revealing that "Satanism" and Rosicrucianism are not so much distant cousins, as close relatives.  Perhaps this goes some way to explaining why the Catholic order of the Knights Templar worshiped an idol named "Baphomet" -- a goat headed and hoofed androgenous figure with female breasts, an erect penis, and a pentagram on its forehead.  The massively wealthy Knights (gold bullion got its name from Templar creator Godfroi de Bouillon) are widely credited with originating the capitalist banking system and corporate model, and were eventually hounded by the Church's Inquisition allegedly for "infanticide, sodomy, and witchcraft", although their demise did save the Church and many Princes of Europe from repaying great debts.  However, many Templars relocated to England and Scotland where their tradition continued with the formation of Freemasonry.

Just as within the enormous body of the Catholic Church there are many monastic and ecclesiastic orders with varying perceptions of Catholic dogma, so too the Rosicrucian Secret Church and its Great White Brotherhood can be seen to be totally unified within its apparent fragmentation.

The repression and denial of the
"negative feelings resulting from one's actions" is an attempt to avoid feelings of guilt and social responsibility.  The reverse thinking of Rosicrucianism is clearly an historical ideology created by the rich and powerful, and based upon their pursuit of conquest and power.  Ultimately it is no different to the psychology of a psychopath or sociopath, as psychiatry defines.  The mental profile of a serial killer always follows a spiraling pattern -- feelings of inadequacy are overcome by power fantasies of control and murder.  These fantasies become an obsession and ultimately a compulsion, forcing the psychopath to act out his fantasy.  After the initial elation of fulfilment, guilt follows, and the feelings of inadequacy return, but to a higher degree.  The spiral downward begins again with renewed fantasies, more desperate than before, to repress the human feelings of guilt.  And so obsession becomes compulsion etc.  Any belief system founded on a similar spiral of repression of natural human moral feelings can only lead to similar compulsive sociopathic behavior.  This logic is apparent in the modern world with its internalized amoral "corporate values" of greed and conquest, and is illustrated by Henry Kissinger's infamous statement "We're bombing them to save them from themselves".

Rosicrucianism was the foundation for the beliefs of the Theosophy movement, which was largely responsible for the ideology of the Nazis and the resulting Holocaust.  

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