'Fame' Shocker:
Top Star To Be Killed Off In Car Crash
Episode Blasts Drunk Driving - And Lets Actress Out of Contract

Popular Nia Peeples, who plays Nicole Chapman
on "Fame" wanted out of the show-so producers
decided to give her departure an extra punch.
"Fame" producers will strike a powerful blow
against teenage drunk driving by killing off one
of their most popular characters in an alcohol-
related accident, insiders reveal. The show's
beloved Nicole Chapman, played by actress Nia
Peeples, will die in a shocking episode designed
to alert audiences to the terrible drunk driving
problem. "Nia simply wants to go on to other
projects, and asked to be released from her
contract," said one source. "The producers have
agreed, and have given her departure an extra
punch. "They were stunned to learn from MADD-
Mothers Against Drunk Driving- that over almost
5,000 young people are killed annually as a direct
result of drunk driving. Explained an insider on
the show: "Because the character of Nicole is so
popular and beloved, fans will feel they have lost
a friend and her death will hit home. The show
will not wallow in depression, it will educate. The
episode, which airs next January on the syndicated show, entitled "Death of a Swan."
It begins with students joking about a party they attended the night before and how
one student had "a few beers too many." Then the police call the school to report that
the boozing student had crashed his car the night before-and Nicole was killed in the
crash."All the show's actors will be faces with very emotional scenes," said the insider.
Eventually, the students come to grips with their loss and form a chapter of SADD -
Students Against Drunk Driving. Said the insider: "One of the producers told me, 'We
think this show will be one of our most dramatic - and proudest moments."
- By William Dick / National Enquirer
NOTE: The episode was retitled: "Go Softly Into Morning".
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