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Nightsage: is the first page of my site. If you have entered my site by way of one of the "Rings or other entrances," you will have miss this page. It explains what I am trying to do with my site.
More About Me:People are misteries not objects that can be label or owned but to enjoy and shared.
My Favorite Wall:I love looking at and drawing all types of walls. Walls contain many stories and of our history. In many cases they are in my view great pieces of combine art of humanity and nature.
The wall I am have here is a part of my history and spirit.
Lets not forget however that there are many kinds of walls. Walls that we creat within ourselves to protect, conceal. Wall to keep in and keep out may things and forces. etc.

  • Meet the other members of Wichy Women Network
  • Play your Tarot Card or do the I Ching
  • The word "WITCH"is a old Anglo Saxon word meaning a wise person
  • Take note that the first "Burning Times" was when the war againist women and children in society began and it continues over to the present
  • (-in all communities at sometime or another we have the Burning Times
    -- when fear, narrow mindness, greed, ignorance, hate rules in any community you have the start of of what I call the burning times)

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    My dream fish tank with words of thought.
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    Dream World:View my dream map. Learn all about the world of dreams. Feel free to write to me, in order to learn how to make your own dream map.
    Rainbow: My palette and tech information that I find fun and useful

    Games:Tried of beening series, relaxe and play some games.
    Violence:Ways of counter reacting violence in our world that any one can do!! You can write a poem, story,comments or add a link that you would like to add to this site here.

    Shalom:Jewish meditions,is mostly writtern in Hebrew.

    Passing II:reflections on thoughts and actions.
    Spirit:My Jewish Culture

    My Editorial Editorial Comments

    June 16, 2008
    I am sorry that I have not updated this for a few years. I am making a comment to update this site as of today. So here goes.....
    Membership In My Local Shule

    There are many reason that I belong and to name a few 1/to have a regular place to pray
    2/have a place where I can met like minded Jews

    Wednesday November 7, 2003
    Mix Reflections from Summer

    I have not been writing too much in the pass few months because
    a/ Do to a serious of accidents in the pass few years I have had my spine reshaped. I have had to relearn how to walk, sit and just simply moving around again. I have avoided taking pain killers and insisted have increase my knowledge and use of herbs. I hope by the coming spring I shall be back to normal.
    2/ I have been living from boxs and had to stay at a friend place for 5 months!!. My home was been rewired, old walls, floors, stairs, doors and windows taken out and new ones been put in plus everything has and is been repaint and varnish. Just a few more more months and may be my life will be back to normal and I will be able to find every thing I have again. It has taken alot for me not to scream at the contracters doing the job or the pain in my back but I have manage, not to scream once at them.
    In the news the same old insanities are still going on.

    Pregant Women: I did come across the sad fact that more women die or get killed by there husbands because they are pregnant than from any other cause or of death in the world.
    Why? 1/ men are afraid that their mate will give all their love and attention to the new baby
    2/ that the baby will take all their money away from them
    3/they are afraid that they can not cope with all the responsiblities that this child brings with it
    4/men fear all the changes that occur in their mate body's
    5/ in some cases they resent that their mate can bear a child and that they can't
    ***Who will attack a pregnant women and her unborn child?***
    Men of every nationality and profession including religious leaders of every faith!!!

    Rituals:I did a lot of research about religious rituals because of health reasons in the pass few years.

    I came to the sad conclusion that the fondness of formal ceremonies has lost it's connection to today realities and humanity in far to many places. To day most rituals do not serve to connect those that they were meanth to aid on their spiritual quest.

    Modern rituals are performed and enacted in a such a manner that is meanth to hinder, belittle and disconnect those who part take and and are viewing them plus those who do not have the physical or proper mental tools to carry them out. This is not the case in every place they are enacted however!!. In a few places I visited every person no matter what physical or metal abilities they had; were included and all the rituals was modified so that they could do them and YES including myself.

    Modern spiritual and regilious rituals should not be merely apart of a finally tune play.
    Rituals should be a tool to reflect the breath and depth of creation which is in all of humanity. In a few places they are doing their home work and making sure that the all rituals are a reflect of the divine and not a page taken from some one's manual.

    December 22, 2003
    Work in Progress

    Feed Back on Some of the Commemts I have Written Here!!!
    By some one that shall remain unnamed said and I quote: "but she can't be Jewish if she wrote that!!!"
    My Relpy I don't see my self as Jewish, female, tall, short, Reform, left wing, right wing etc. etc. when I write these mini editorials. I see my self as a spirit of creation viewing my surroundings and events that occur around me and how they effect my beening and things and people around me and now again I write from my Jewish perspective (and that can be good, bad or indifferent, depending on what as happen to me in that time span). Most people are afraid to think for themselves or to speak out on how they really feel about any thing or to those in some authority. To the person who I quoted as far as I am concern you may stick your comments about my editorials in the garbage. Or else you may email you remarks or sign my guest book and let me take apart every thing you have to say point my point.


    This piece is going to be a on going work in progress because of the complexity of the subject matter!!!. I am not going to draw any final conclusion but I am going to leave that up to you. You are welcome to email or write in my guest book your views on this subject.
    - fighting is a form of spiritality but in western society as a whole it is not consisted spiritual
    - when some people go to war and win a battle or achieve great military victory they feel that it was because of thier own person skillsbut was it really!
    - How does killing and the intent without the acknowledgement of our personsl spirit effect the out out come and long term feeling towards the action committed?

    May 13, 2004

    It has been one of those weeks were people I have been very close to have died, and new infants have chose to enter this insantiy know as earth. I am dealling with all these emotions and relationships and more. I just got to the point were I just had to say to everything "So What!" All around me, millions of people are going through the same things.
    I have found a nice quiet spot and just focused on my center and relaxed.
    May 25, 2004
    (I am still working on this)

    R said:"That every thing we do is preordained and that when one prays it is just a game. RThat spirituality was just some one ego or a touch of insanity and the only thing that was important to be close to the divine was money. If that is case we are just zombies walking around and there is no soul or god? I have have my own snap reply to this remark but I am not going to tell you all of it.
    a/ First of all you must look at the person saying it because it tells you alot about the person. It in short show one that the person only listens to what people have said and wrote plus his ego. Plus he has to busy making noise and not listen with his heart soul and all his beening to experience the divine.
    I grant you that alot of people walk around like robots and act like in their personal life plus have job that turn them in to machine for eight hours a day.

    Pass Editiorial Comments I have Writtern

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