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Becky - 02/06/00 04:42:08
My Email:Princess_Buttercup1985@yahoo.com
What do u feel about this page: Funny - - - - - Keep up the great work!
Sex: Always (J/K)

noor hassan - 09/26/99 09:52:41
My Email:noor_hassan@yahoo.com
What do u feel about this page: great > i like it !!!!!!!
Sex: male
Country: india
good work my friend.

- 08/26/99 00:52:47

Ajith - 08/05/99 03:00:48
My Email:tendule@hotmail.com
chage the colour

- 07/30/99 22:19:52

Deborah - 07/24/99 22:45:33
My Email:Deborahworld@yahoo.com
What do u feel about this page: nice, funny
Sex: sometimes
Country: yes

Tania - 07/20/99 19:57:59
My Email:wolfett99@yahoo.com
What do u feel about this page: I Love the jokes
Sex: Female
Country: America
This page is awesome. It will make you laugh, even when your day is not going to well. He will make you laugh

N.D. - 06/27/99 10:40:23
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My Email:nbjd@hotmail.com
Sex: Male
Country: India

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