OT Board Exam Preparation

Here's the materials I used to prepare for the NBCOT OT Boards. The tests differ, so what worked for me may not necessarily work for you. However, I feel these materials gave an excellent grounding for the exam, which I passed on my first try (1 1/2 years after graduation--long story), with 85% (515 points)!

OT Exam Prep Workshops

IEP Occupational Therapy Certification Preparation Course I highly recommend taking it!

OT Exam Prep Books (ranked in order of preference)

National Occupational Therapy Certification Exam: Review & Study Guide (with computer disk)
Rita P. Fleming Cottrell
purchase from International Educational Resources

The Occupational Therapy Examination Review Guide (2nd Edition)
Johnson, C., Lorch, A., & DeAngelis, T.
comes with a CD-ROM

The Occupational Therapy Examination Review Guide (1st Edition)
Anderson, D.N., Jacobson, J.M., Cowan, M.K., & Smith, J.S.

OT Exam Review Manual (3rd Edition)
Sladyk, K., McGeary, S., Sladyk, L.G., & Tufano, R.
remarkably VERY similar to the first and second editions; comes with a computer disk which you can only use 3 times

Official Study Guide for the Occupational Therapist Registered OTR Certification Examination
NBCOT, Cada, E., Strickland, L.S., Strickland, L.R., O'Connor, M.S., & Heeter, P.

New NBCOT Secrets Study Guide; I will look at this e-text & will let you know what I think--from the description, it sounds quite promising

Other OT Books (not in specific order)

National Occupational Therapy Certification Exam: Review & Study Guide (with computer disk)
Rita P. Fleming Cottrell
purchase from International Educational Resources

Course Syllabus (with practice exam, bibliography, and much more)
from the International Educational Resources exam prep course

Occupational Therapy: Practice Skills for Physical Dysfunction
Pedretti, L.W. & Early, M.B.
especially read the chapters on Rood, Brunnstrom, PNF, & NDT (Bobath), as well as the spinal cord injury charts & splints info--they provide an excellent review. This book is an enjoyable read; much better than the previous edition

Ethical & Legal Dilemmas in Occupational Therapy
Bailey, D.M. & Schwartzberg, S.L.
I didn't have access to Kornblau's book on this topic; I'd recommend getting her book, too

Vision, Perception, & Cognition: A Manual for the Evaluation and Treatment of the Neurologically Impaired Adult (3rd Edition)
Zoltan, B.

The Working Therapist: Occupational Therapy in Long Term Care
Rosado, H., Santiago, E.D., & Fountain, C.C.
a great review for SOAP notes and other forms of documentation; contact Hilda Rosado or order from:
The Working Therapist, Inc.
7561 NW 1st St.
Pembroke Pines, FL 33024

Quick Reference to Occupational Therapy (2nd Edition)
Reed, K.L.
an occupational therapist who's also a librarian wrote this!

Occupational therapy Protocol Management in Adult Physical Dysfunction
Daniel, M.S. & Strickland, L.R.
covers many (but not all) of the illness & diseases like the "Quick Reference to Occupational Therapy," also has fill-in-the-blank evaluation forms; a valuable asset for your office library

OT Study Cards in a Box
Sladyk, K. (editor)
similar to the "Quick Reference to Occupational Therapy" book, but on handy cards

PocketGuide to Treatment in Occupational Therapy
Stein, F. & Roose, B. Understanding Cognitive Performance Modes
Allen, C.K., Blue, T., & Earhart, C.A.
the title is misleading, much of it seems like a (very good) dictionary

Quick Reference Dictionary for Occupational Therapy (2nd Edition)
Jacobs, K. (editor)
it's lacking in many definitions, but between this book and the "PocketGuide to Treatment in Occupational Therapy," it should cover many definitions. It MANY excellent appendices

Mental Health Concepts & Techniques for the Occupational Therapy Assistant
Early, M.B.
although the title says it's for OTAs, it's for us, too. Don't pass up on this excellent book; however, if you don't have time right now, read the mental health sections from IEP's "National Occupational Therapy Certification Exam: Review & A Study Guide" and the "Course Syllabus" (the latter comes with their workshop)

Group Dynamics in Occupational Therapy: The Theoretical Basis And Practice Application Of Group Intervention
Cole, M.B.
I think I remember that sections were helpful

Psychosocial Occupational Therapy: Frames of Reference for Intervention
Bruce, M.A. & Borg, B.
I seem to remember sections of this one as being helpful, too

Occupational Therapy Stories: Psychosocial Interaction in Practice
Borg, B.
Perhaps it was this Borg book I was thinking of; I don't have them handy right now--try looking at them both and see which is more useful. :)

Normal infant reflexes and development (video with excellent booklet)
The Hospital for Sick Children, Department of Occupational Therapy, Toronto, Canada
VT WS 103 N842 1991
HPD Library Health Video
Photocopy the booklet and study it with the video

Motor Skills Acquisition in the First Year: An Illustrated Guide to Normal Development
Bly, L.
skim it if you have time

Clinical Reasoning in Physical Disabilities
Dutton, R.
at the least, read the tables that describe the reasoning and justification for specific treatments and frames of reference

Handbook of Symptom-Oriented Neurology (2nd Edition)
Olson, W.H., Brumback, R.A., Iyer, V., & Gascon, G.
scan the neurological testing sections

Willard & Spackman's Occupational Therapy
Crepeau, E.B. & Neistadt, M.E.
the previous edition was incredibly dry; this edition is a much nicer read. However, the material in the book is probably too basic for the exam--only read the sections you need.

Websites to Check Out

I've learned of these sites after the exam. They offer nice reviews.

NBCOTPrep click on "Exam Topics;" they also sell inservice packets for the SNF setting; I haven't purchased one yet

OT Direct: Occupational Therapy Resources on the Web click on "Study Guides"


GI Bill Benefits Extended to Veterans Sitting for NBCOT Occupational Therapy announcement on NBCOT's website

What a surprise, NBCOT is suing the Occupational Therapy Certification Board of America, Inc.; read about it in Advance (don't forget to read the editorial) & NBCOT's Press Release


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