About Me

My name is Billy Traylor and I was born on October 11, 1978 (yep, I'm 100% Libra, in case you were wondering) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I grew up in both Baton Rouge and Denham Springs, LA. Denham Springs is a small city of about 8,000, located in Livingston Parish. It is one of the principal suburbs of Baton Rouge, though its populace is not known for open-mindedness, something one might expect from the suburb of a major city. Major forms of entertainment include gossip contests and tobacco chewing. I graduated with honors from Denham Springs High School on May 22, 1996.

That August, I moved to Natchitoches, LA, to attend Northwestern State University of Louisiana, where I majored in organ performance. Natchitoches is quite a charming little city, located in the southern portion of northwest Louisiana. It is famous for its meat pies, its Christmas Festival, and for having been the city in which the movie "Steel Magnolias" was filmed. After spending two semesters at NSU, I decided that I missed living in the city. After all, the main off-campus attraction in Natchitoches is the local Super Wal-Mart Center - and hanging out in discount stores is not my idea of fun.

So... I transferred to Centenary College of Louisiana in Shreveport, LA. Centenary is the oldest privately-chartered college west of the Mississippi River - founded in Jackson, LA in 1825. At Centenary, I spent a semester as a biochemistry major before switching back to music. I majored in oboe performance in the Hurley School of Music. Shreveport is kind of a non-descript city, but is a relatively nice place to live. I left Centenary for several reasons - primarily financial ($12,000 a year really lightens your pocketbook) and some really poorly-based reasons relating to the music department. I can honestly say that leaving this school is one of the great mistakes of my life. It is an excellent college with a great reputation, and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a really high-class education in an environment where professors actually know your names, and care a great deal about you.

I am now studying at the University of New Orleans in the school of music. Ahh, New Orleans...the Big Easy...the Big Sleazy (my favorite)...America's Most Interesting City...Birthplace of Jazz (YUCK)...the City that Never Sleeps...Sin City (though I think they stole that from Las Vegas)...and the list goes on and on. I like to say that New Orleans is the city I love to hate...so much here to love yet so much that should be changed. One of its nicknames should be "America's Most Backward City." Nothing here happens in a logical fashion. Despite all this, I still love this place and will miss it when I leave. I hopefully will graduate with a B.A. in oboe and bassoon performance from the UNO School of Music in the spring of 2001. After that, I am off to grad. school somewhere, where I will pursue a M.A. or M.M. degree in historical musicology, followed by a M.M. degree in instrumental conducting. Where will I go? Who knows...right now I'm looking at The University of Texas at Austin , the University of Washington at Seattle, and Arizona State University in Phoenix. And after that? Who knows...I will find somewhere to get my D.M.A. in orchestral conducting. After that, maybe you'll see me on a podium somewhere conducting a major metropolitan symphony orchestra making all the big money (yeah right!).

In my spare time I like to do quite a few things. I love to cook, especially Chinese food. My favorite types of food are Chinese, Italian, Greek, Indian, and Mexican. My favorite shows are Dawson's Creek, E.R., and Will and Grace. I also like to play video games and surf the web.

To my best friends: Dale, Paul, Letisha (AKA Leshita), Keisha, Lee Ellen, and Lauren: if y'all are reading this I want to say "hi" and I love you all!!!! Any comments at all on this page and how it can be improved are gladly accepted - all you have to do is click here and type! Check back soon to see if I've updated this page! Thanks for visiting!!!

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