Martin Szumanski's

Friends and Family

My Family Portrait

People In My Life

Joe Janda
Keeper of the Tales of our Youth
Nancy Rogers
Goofy Gal and Lifelong Friend
Rebecca Rogers
Jodie Schwarz
Junior High Cuty and Stroodle Gal
Kunal Bagla
College Friend and Confidant
Moshmee Kalamkar
Dobie Friend and College Pal
Oscar Alvarez and Chris Flores
The Suitemate Combo Worth Getting to Know
Signe Lund-Jensen
Danish Camp-song Champion
Equadorian Artist and Dallas Nightclub Shaker
Sabina Khan
Danish Punk Rocker and Summer Bartending Buddy
Anjum Ali
Freshman Year Friend and Mardis Gras Dance Partner
Carrie Falcon
Party Girl and Chica Across the Hall
Molly Rutherford
Junior High Crush and Friend
Cancun Trip Memory
Partying at the Local Hotspot
Larissa Salazar, Molly Machold, and Scott Hutchinson
New York Paradise Week Pals
"Szabi" and Tine Bernhardtsen
Hungary Trip Memories and Penpals
Lauren, Cameron, Josh, and Coach Pocock
Senior Soccer Buddies and HighSchool Friends
Danish Bartender Buddies
Michelle, Iain, Jason, Laerke, and the rest of the gang
Jenn, Jennifer, Laura, and Joanna
First Year Party Gals and Floor Pals
Matt, Jorge, Cory, Ernesto, and Herb
The Best Floor in Dobie History

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