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Several years ago it was not easy to find CDs with popular European songs of the 60's - 80's in the USA, especially songs, that are not in English. I miss some popular songs that are of Italian and French origin. But nowadays, with the help of the Internet, it's becoming possible to find almost everything (most of my CDs were ordered via the Internet). Now this site contains over 400 Real Audio clips, that represent the excerpts (40-150 seconds) from the songs of popular European performers of the 60's-90's. The performers are mainly presented in arbitrary order ( click here for the alphabetical order version of this site with no pictures and links). Music genres are different. It's Easy Listening, Disco, Pop, Rock, and Instrumental. Enjoy.

NOTE: It's likely that some Real Audios do not work. It usually happens because of regular maintenance on the server, where audio files are stored, or server is too busy. In this case come back later, please.


Unofficial Home Page
Joe Dassin

Joe Dassin's page (in French)
Mireille Mathieu

Home Page (in French)
Cliff Richard

Home Page
Demis Roussos

Home Page
Patricia Kaas

Official Site (in French)
Charles Aznavour

Home page(in French)

Baccara's page
Al Bano & Romina Power
Al Bano & Romina Power

Unofficial Homepage
Paul Mauriat

Unofficial Homepage
Shocking Blue

Shocking Blue Info
Amanda Lear

Amanda Lear page
Matia Bazar

Unofficial Homepage
Modern Talking

Modern Talking page

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Links contributed by the visitors:

Shadow Music
Caterina Valente's Official Web Site
Caterina Valente's Unofficial Web Site
Dieter Bohlen PLANET
Anna Oxa's Unofficial site (in Italian)
Milva Online (Unofficial Site)
IOMAGIC's Music Club (huge collection of MP3's)
Out of prints, hard-to-find CDs
Collection of the records from Eastern Europe

Other Links:

The Unofficial Eurovision Song Contest Homepage
Eurodance Hits WWW
Home Page of Roman Czejarek
Izan Home Page
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French Music Database
The Belgian Pop & Rock Archives
Big collection of links to the French performers
Great collection of links to the Italian performers
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World Largest EuroDisco/ItaloDisco Music Archive

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