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1965 Topkapi/Is Het Waar (Is It True?) (Imperial)

1967 Dag en nacht (You've not changed)/Al wordt't nu winter (Philips)

1975 Take Me High/I Am Loving You (Pink Elephant, Polydor, Decca)


1976 Tell It Like It Is/Wait Till I Get Back To You (Pink Elephant, Polydor)


1976 Loving you/You Showed Me How (Pink Elephant)


1976 Liebe Ist... (Loving You)/Ich hab' an dich geglaubt (You Showed Me How) (Decca)

1976 Mach Mich Frei (Take Me High)/Ich Liebe Doch Nur Dich (I Am Loving You) (Decca)

1977 Little By Little/Help The Country (Pink Elephant)

1978 Too Young/You Don't Have To Know (Seramble)

1978 Bye Bye To Romance/It's A Long Hard Road (CNR)

1980 Looking out for number one/So Sad Without You (CNR)

1982 Wake Up City/In The Name Of Love (EMI Records)

Another solo track, called "Need You Near Me", was released on single in Japan and became a very rare one.
Here is a little info about this song provided by Peter Goessens from Belgium:
In the 5th Yamaha World Popular Song Festival the Netherlands were represented by two entries: Bolland & Bolland with the song "Dream Your Dreams" (winning an Outstanding Song Award in the Finals) and... Mariska Veres with the song "Need You Near Me", composed by Martin Van Wyk (in the list of entries we received from the Yamaha Music Foundation the song is actually listed as "I Need You Near Me"). Mariska performed the song on the first day of the 3-day Festival, viz. 15 November 1974, in the Nippon Budokan Hall (Japan). Unfortunately, her song did not make it to the Finals on 17 November

In 1976, a solo track by Mariska, called "There's A Need In Me", was released on a sample album called "Love Songs" (various artists) which was released on Omega Records (like Pink Elephant, a label of Dureco, the Dutch Record Company). Nowadays, this album is very hard to find. Mariska Veres participated also in the studio group Mistral, the single she is featured in is called "Neon City" (1979). In the same year Mariska sang some background vocals on an album by the group Plant. And in 1981, she was a member of Super Rock Stars Live who did a medley on single. Mariska sang a few lines of Jefferson Airplane's "Somebody to love".

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Frans van Hercules, John Konings and Izaak van den Berg, who provided me with these cover art images of the very rare Mariska Veres's singles. I'm also grateful to Mr. Jeroen Hazewinkel from Holland, who sent to me additional information about Mariska's singles.

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