NARFE members,

I hope your all enjoying the Ohio summer weather. As you may know the summer brings home all of the legislators. It is time to take a short trip to your legislator home office and make your self heard. Many of the legislators are at the home offices a few days each week during the months of July and August.

The latest news is State Senate Bill 191. We need as many of you to write or visit your State Senators and ask them for support on SB 191.

The 127 General assembly has now introduced legislation SB 191. I assisted the Legislative Aid in writing this bill so please help by following up with letters to your State Senators. I would use some of this wording below in your letters to your State Senators when asking for their support of SB 191.

SB 191 is legislation that will bring income tax equity to those individuals receiving pension benefits through a state or federal retirement plan. Under current law federal and state pension benefits are fully taxed, unlike Social Security benefits, which are not taxable unless the individualís modified adjusted gross income meets a certain threshold.

This legislation would allow the pension benefits of those with state or federal pensions to deduct from state income tax, $4,000 in tax year beginning 2007, $7,000 in tax year beginning 2008 and $10,000 in tax year beginning 2009. This legislation was written to phases in the deduction over a three year period to help reduce the impact of lost revenue to the State of Ohio . The three year phase in will provide the Governor and the Legislature adequate time to prepare and plan for the minor shortfall in income tax revenue.

The next phase for NARFE members is to write Senator Amstutz office;

We all need to write Senator Amstutz office and ask for the bill (SB 191) to be heard. ASAP This is the next step and without your support this SB will die right at this point.

Be sure to mention that you're a NARFE member. Samantha is the Legislative Aid name at Senator Amstutz office if you decide to make a phone call.

Senator Amstutz, 614/466-7505

Senate Building, Room #140, First Floor

Columbus , Ohio 43215

Email: SD22@mailr.sen.state.oh.us

Please be sure to contact me when you have made contacted Senator Amstutz office. I need to know his response and to track the number of times we ask him for the bill to be heard.

Dennis Petrack   Phone: (330) 875-2469
Vice President, State Legislation
Ohio Federation NARFE

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