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Who is Stephanie Caruana?
©2002 by Jim Moore

Not a whole lot is known about this woman. If my research is correct, she (or at least someone named Stephanie Caruana Curaba) graduated from Bishop Kearny High School (Massachusetts?) in 1968, five years after I graduated from Pratt (KS) High School. She (or her namesake) is listed as a member of the Bishop Kearny High School Alumni Association. Because of her unwillingness to cooperate with anyone unless there's money it for her, it is difficult to determine just who she really is. There is very little in the public record. To my knowledge there are no photos readily available of her, as there are with most other people involved in this story.

She has put up several web pages and they have then simply vanished. She is an avid feminist and, it would seem, quite iintelligent. Stephanie Caruana was at one time listed as member of the Boston Mensa Society, but the e-mail address given seems to be long dead. Her own self-description appears below, along with a web site address.

Boston Mensa Members
Stephanie Caruana - Blue Boar Society: Explores Earl of Oxford as Shakespeare, and I get to write a lot and design web pages.

Besides her interest in The Gemstone File, she published The Spear Shaker, which claims that William Shakespeare is basically a fraud, that his plays were written by the Earl of Oxford.

She does a brief web site on AOL, set up in 2002:
and an e-mail address there: The Gemstone File of Bruce Roberts.

She uses that site to hawk her new CD-ROM which promises to provioe the "original" Roberts files. Alas, one will probably be disappointed, since her CD-ROM contains only a "transcription" and one tantalizing image of the cover. (It is probably a violation of AOL policy to use personal pages for commercial use, but that doesn't seem to have stopped her). It does not contain any actual copies of the files themselves. Here is what she says on that site:

The original Gemstone File of Bruce Roberts is now available on a CD for the first time.
My originally circulated Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File, [1975] introduced millions of people to the  ideas and information  of Bruce Roberts, in a summary form.
The original material is now available at my main web site:
It contains important background material essential to understand today's confused and treacherous political situation.
Stephanie Caruana

Several people have reported that she is agonizingly slow in filling orders after she gets the money in her hands, and recommend you order the CD-ROM elsewhere if you want to see it in this lifetime, such as from The Last Hurrah Bookstore (see below)..

(5176) [CD-ROM] THE GEMSTONE FILE. Onassis, Howard Hughes, JFK, Jackie, Bobby, Nixon, Nader, and the CIA/Mafia/Big money take over of the U.S. in 1963. US history from the 1920s to 1975, by Bruce Roberts. Includes Skeleton Key edited with additions by Stephanie Caruana. 2001. ... $15.00

1) BY MAIL: Mail a check with your order to: The Last Hurrah Bookshop, 937 Memorial Ave., Williamsport, PA 17701
2) BY PHONE OR FAX: Call 570/321-1150

Howard Hughes Killed off Earlier Than Thought?

In the early 1970s, Ms. Caruana was a writer for Playgirl magazine, where she claims she first published Gemstone material in December 1974 (shown) in an article called "Is Howard Hughes Dead and Buried off a Greek Island." That article makes no mention of Bruce Roberts or of the Gemstone Files, and is based largely on an article that appeared in Midnight, a Canadian tabloid, October 18, 1971, and on other publicly available information.

(See "Is Howard Hughes Dead and Buried off a Greek Island").

In a public posting, she offers an excuse why her "proof" that this was Gemstone material never made it into print (third paragraph):

Date: Thu, 24 Aug 1995 08:19:45 +0600
From: Stephanie Caruana <>
To: James Daugherty <>
Subject: Re: (fwd) No Surprise: WW Covered Up

I was writing articles for Playgirl magazine, primarily about issues of importance to women. I wrote about a new method of early abortion, at a time when abortions were only legal in New York and California, and coat-hanger- back-room-trips-to Mexico stories were all too common.  I wrote about decent nutrition and care for pregnant women as a way to avoid birth defects. I interviewed black poet Maya Angelou, and black feminist activist Flo Kennedy.  Playgirl got off to a zooming start, probably due primarily to the male nudes, but I'd like to think that some of my articles on issues important to women helped. (This was at a time when, as now, women's magazines pretty much stick to cosmetics, diets, and how to get a better job.)

The editor at Playgirl, Marin Milan, was interested in politics.  I met Mae Brussell, the well-known but under-appreciated conspiracy researcher, and began to work with her. We wrote an article about the Patty Hearst kidnapping, "Why Was Patty Hearst Kidnapped?" and sold it to a small Berkeley underground newspaper, the "Berkeley Barb."  This article detailed the connections between the so-called "Symbionese Liberation Army", the California prison system, the use of black prisoner and petty criminal Donald DeFreeze, baptized "Cinque" by his government-funded trainers/handlers, as a hapless tool of government propaganda efforts against blacks (the so-called "Symbionese Liberation Army" with its weird "manifestoes,") etc., which would justify the civil war against the people that is now going on with even greater intensity.  The very week the Berkeley Barb story appeared on the stands, threatening to blow the cover off of this story, Donald de Freeze and the "Symbionese Liberation Army" of hapless stooges were moved to a "Safe house" in the  L.A. area, and a L.A.P.D. "swat team" was brought in to turn them into toast, first making sure Patty Hearst and her government-paid handlers were safely out of harm's way. The Berkeley Barb's owners received an offer they couldn't refuse, and sold out. Media control went all the way down to the smallest newspaper.

I wrote another article with Mae Brussell, entitled "Is Howard Hughes Dead and Buried off a Greek Island?"  In its original form, it gave a broad picture of the manipulation of the U.S. government for private gain, including heroin traffic, arms trading, gambling in Cuba, etc., and fingered Aristotle Onassis as a major player in the global money-power game.  Although the article which appeared had been very much watered down and edited by Playgirl's attorneys, it still lit up some dark areas that were supposed to remain dark. Result:  I was fired as a contributing editor; Marin Milam, the Editor, was fired, and Playgirl was "bought" and subsequently changed hands a couple of times before reemerging as a magazine of no particular relevance.

It is interesting to note here that Caruana, who has a tendency to call other people "liars", claims "We [her and Mae Brussell] wrote an article about the Patty Hearst kidnapping, "Why Was Patty Hearst Kidnapped?" and sold it to a small Berkeley underground newspaper, the "Berkeley Barb."

In fact, she did not write that article. Mae Brussell wrote it as a four-part series - by herself, apparently, since Caruana's name does not appear on it at all - and it was published in February 1974 in The Realist, according to Mae Brussell. "Why Was Patty Hearst Kidnapped?"

Reading this huge tome, one gets an immediate impression that Brussell was drawing directly from the Gemstones themselves, and revealing far more about one small episode than Caruana, myself or anyone else has ever come up with since. Even the writing style is classic Roberts - short, terse, clipped - not at all like Caruana's (compare it to the article below). Also, it makes a lot of assertions with no corroborating evidence or documentation - like Roberts. Reading it, one could even ask: Did Mae Brussell write the Gemstone Files instead of Bruce Roberts? A handwriting analysis might answer the question, but Caruana refuses to make her "originals" available.

Caruana did write another article with Mae Brussell, called "Inside the Hearst Kidnapping" that was published in the Berkeley Barb 1974 (#18). But why would she want to take credit for something she didn't write? And does it reveal a pattern that repeats itself in The Key? It is only after Mae Brussell's death that Caruana claims to take credit for Brussell's work.

Hyper-sensitive to Legitimate Criticism

Most people don't believe what they read in The Key, and one really can't blame them. Typical of such disbelief (which gets Ms. Caruana's dander up) is this posting from James H. Daugherty at on Dec. 26, 1994:

"I don't think it's true. It is even hard to find parts of it that are true. Only the names mentioned have relevance and, of course, something very weird was going on with Howard Hughes.
The key insight is that there is no integration of it's (sic) narrative into known geopolitical history. However, it is something that all who would study the conspiracy theory of history must read!
You may want to read the following book (Gemstone File by Jim Keith - Illuminet version) which actually reveals the associate of Mae Brussel who wrote the Skeleton Key from Bruce Robert's notes (allegedly).
This associate of conpiracy theorist Mae Brussel is now reachable at:
Stephanie Caruana, 594 Centre Street #2, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130-2560 Phone (914) 647-8757.
She claims to still have some of Bruce Roberts' notes and pamphlets, but she seems to insist on a way of making money on them before she releases them! (emphasis added)

Apparently miffed that someone dared question her unproven allegations, she left the A-albionic board six months later in June 1995, with a parting shot that showed her disdain, if not hatred, for the male side of all species. While a lot of people would agree with her (and at times I have, too), can we ignore the bloodthirsty women leaders of history, such as Indira Ghandi, whose father, ironically, was the great pacifist Mohattma Ghandi?

Subj:    Regrets from Gemstone
Date:    95-06-22 16:45:46 EDT
From:    SCaruana
To:      James Daugherty <

I think I'm going to have to say goodby to this group, at least for the present. Not that what you are saying isn't interesting! Just that there's too much of it, and I don't have time to cope with all this incoming mail, much less respond to it, at present.  Still, the various messages stir up many feelings.

Generally, with some species exceptions, the males fight each other, while the females save their strength to protect their babies, which keeps the species going. What I'm saying is that competition to the death, for available resources, is the deciding factor in all evolution.  If you don't win a place in the sun for yourself, and some of your children, you become extinct.  Monkey bands fight each other over territory.  So do baboons. Up the evolutionary scale, blacks fight black, Indians fight Indians, Scots and Irish fight English, Serbs fight Croats fight Muslims, North fights South, blacks fight whites fight reds fight yellows, Jews fight Arabs fight Protestants fight Catholics fight Mohammedans, etcetera.

The big dance of life.  You got to be in it to win it.  Nobody gets excited when a couple of bull moose(s?) fight it out.

This hyper-sensitivity seems to be endemic in virtually all of her relationships with others, where the Gemstones are involved. When it's been pointed out - quite often, I might add - that without any supporting evidence, the Gemstone Files are "a bunch of crap," she reacts as if she's been personally slapped in the face.

One example concerns a San Francisco web site which ran a three-part article on Angela Alioto, who is running for public office there. (Alioto's father, the late mayor Joe Alioto, is fingered as one of the bad guys in the files). The site, Mister SF, devoted a special article to Ms. Caruana's sensitivity.

Notorious SF:

Now dismissed as a big bunch of crap, the Gemstone File, by some account more than 1,000 pages long, is the most notorious rant in conspiracy history. Written by American gemologist Bruce Roberts over a period of years beginning in the 1960s until 1975, the Gemstone File details dark secrets of the CIA, FBI, and the Mafia in addition to JFK, LBJ, Ted Kennedy, Richard Nixon, the Washington Post, Mayor Joe Alioto, Howard Hughes, Martin Luther King Jr., the Watergate conspirators, and many others. The Gemstone File links all of these people and a host of historical and political events into one huge conspiracy! The wide ranging account was drafted by Roberts in part at this location, 895 Bush Street, then known as the Drift Inn. Roberts, who invented the synthetic ruby used in laser technology, regaled visitors at the Drift Inn with his stories of political intrigue. He claimed that the Watergate burglary was conceived by G. Gordon Liddy and E. Howard Hunt at the Drift Inn early in 1972. Roberts died of lung cancer in 1976 but not before his Gemstone File had been circulated all over the globe. A year before Roberts' death, a Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File was published that sorted its many stories in chronological order. Among Gemstone claims: Aristotle Onassis had Howard Hughes kidnapped and drugged for at least a decade. The alleged kidnapping put the aerospace industry under the control of the international Mafia, which lead to the assassination of JFK. Roberts' theories have been well investigated. Published editions of the Gemstone File that contain commentary by various researchers are now available online and in bookstores. 

Stephanie Caruana, the freelance writer who authored the Skeleton Key to Roberts' stories, wrote to Mister SF to say she took umbrage to the above reference to the Gemstone as "a big bunch of crap." She says that published criticism of the Gemstone over the years is based on her condensed version, not on the entire dossier and that when the complete Gemstone File comes to light Roberts will be recognized as one of San Francisco's greatest writers. Caruana has been hard at work on a new website, CD ROM, and published editions of Bruce Roberts' Gemstone File. She says they include information witheld until now by Mae Brussell and John Judge. Brussell is the Carmel Valley conspiracy theorist who died from cancer in 1988, leaving Judge in charge of her controversial library. Brussell was widely known as a writer, radio commentator, lecturer and researcher who believed that the U.S. is secretly controlled by ruthless cabals of high powered conspirators. Caruana says the revised Gemstone file makes for "fascinating information about how our country is run, and by whom." Caruana offered to send Mister SF a review copy of the new CD ROM, but later changed her mind after reading his "Heart of the City" interview with Angela Alioto. Caruana says Mayor Joe is a "major villain" in the Gemstone story. is dedicated to preserving and promoting the character of the City and People of San Francisco. The web site is created and maintained by San Franciscan Hank Donat. The journalist and former stand up comedian has appeared at such venues here as the Great American Music Hall, Josie's, and the Plush Room. His print work has been recognized by Spy magazine, which has since folded, and he was quoted in Time, which has not. In addition to creating the Heart of the City web site,, Donat is a traveler, photographer, and sometimes advertising executive. "Mister SF is the perfect medium for me to communicate my love for the City and promote a preservationist sensibility in the process." Donat says, "Heart of the City puts to use all the wonderful training I've had, not only in my career, but in all the time I've spent running around town from one job to the next!"

All of the images that you see on are Donat's own original photography unless otherwise indicated. Donat says, "I've lived in San Francisco nearly 20 years, long enough to know that my destiny is here. We have to share the City with 800,000 people at home and millions all over the world but would we really want it any other way? The heart of the City is in the hills. The soul of the City is in the people who live and work here."

First Known Publication of The Skeleton Key

The first documented publication of what could be Gemstone material occurred in early May 1975 in Modern People magazine and entitled "Modern People Exclusive: Who REALLY Killed JFK?" by James L. Moore. While it does not mention Bruce Roberts or the Gemstone Files by name, it does mention the link between Aristotle Onassis to the assassination:

"Why did Aristotle Onassis back down when he learned the truth about Dallas? Why is his investigator's report of the assassination locked up n a safe and guarded 24 hours a day?"

This article was the first of a series that ran for maybe 26-30 weeks, and was a "teaser" of what was to come. Several articles had already been delivered to the publisher, Vincent Sorren.

The earliest possible mention of any published source that links Caruana to The Key is an August 1975 article in a now-defunct publication called The City of San Francisco. I have a copy of this and will try to transcribe and post it here. Oddly, she herself never mentions it. Gary Buell found the article after I told him about its existence. I knew about it because of the 1980 lawsuit against Hustler magazine. I'd been searching for it for years to no avail, but Gary seems to have quite a knack for tracking things down once he knows what he's looking for. This is also the first documented publication at all that specifically mentions the Gemstone Skeleton Key. On the surface, it would certainly tend to strengthen Caruana's case.

However, long before anyone tracked this article down, and long before the authorship feud ever started, I had filed police reports of repeated burglaries of my home office in which my manuscript had been stolen. Can I prove this? No, I can't. There may, however, still be people around who can corroborate that: songwriter Marjy Plant, Janice Plant, Melissa Thurman, Betsy ? and two other women. At the time one burglary took place, we were all sharing a house in Nashville off West End Avenue. While they have no idea what specific documents were taken, they can corroborate that at the time I was working on the Kennedy assassination. This, however, was about the same time I was working with Rep. Henry Gonzalez (now deceased) who was for a while chairman of the House Select Committee on Assassinations.

ModernPeople-01.JPG (1909860 bytes)The other, earlier burglary of note occurred when I was living alone in Fairview, Tennessee, and occurred in mid or late May 1975. More details on this and other aspects can be found in the section dealing specifically with me and my timeline, which provides evidence, but not proof that I was providing Gemstone material to both Rep. Gonzalez and to Modern People magazine, a Chicago tabloid where I worked as a full-time freelancer doing nothing but pursuing the Gemstone matter since February 1975. While I have very few of the six-month or so series that ran, some of them received widespread publicity in the books of other writers, such as Walter Bowart's Operation Mind Control (1978-Dell Pub. Co.)

How Stephanie Caruana's name wound up in August 1975 on a document stolen from my home in May 1975, and which was the basis for a series of articles that began running in May 1975, I can't say, but it wouldn't be the first time that documents have vanished from one place only to wind up in the possession of Stephanie Caruana.

The Case of the Purloined Letters

The "original" letters were in the possession of Mae Brussell, a well-known conspiracy researcher (conspirologist) in California. These letters were the ones Roberts had given her; he had also been giving them out to many other people, as even Caruana admits. Brussell's ticket to fame was a small book which provided a painstaking index to the Warren Report. Somewhere in my own archives, I believe I still have that book.

Over the course of time, the original Bruce Roberts letters disappeared, as Virginia McCullough, Curator of the Mae Brussell Archive tells it, and somehow mysteriously ended up in Caruana's possession. At least Caruana claims she has them, but won't let anyone see even photocopies, forcing the world to be content with "transcriptions", the accuracy of which can only be confirmed by her word. According to McCullough:

As most of my readers know, I am the custodian and curator of the Mae Brussell Collection, referred to by many of her fans as the Mae Brussell Library and/or the Mae Brussell Archives.  In this capacity, I receive hundreds of requests for specific information from her massive research files.

Mae researched thousands of subjects from 1963 until her death in 1988.  She placed more importance on some subjects than others.  Certain of these subjects took on a life of their own and were published under names either Mae or others gave them.  For example: The Torbitt Document, also entitled Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal, by William Torbitt, Click to read. and The Gemstone Files based on several hundred letters sent to Mae Brussell by a Bruce Roberts.   These two examples given account for perhaps one-fourth of the requests for information.

The Mae Brussell Archives were placed in my possession in 1993, five years after Mae died.  The files had been moved several times in the five years preceding their being placed in my trust.  The two files cited were not in the files in their original state as has been described by those who had seen them prior to their removal from Mae Brussell's home.  I  have been unable to locate even one letter allegedly written by Bruce Roberts or any original document written to William Torbitt.  I have, of course, read many of the subsequent printings of the two documents from a variety of sources. …

By the time she died her fans removed over 300 researched but unwritten manuscripts, 38 four drawer file cabinets, over 10,000 books and countless boxes of newspapers, magazines and unfiled articles.  The Collection takes up 2,200 square feet of space and touches the 7' high ceiling where it is stored.  Small pathways meander through boxes and file cabinets.   The vast majority of the archives remain boxed as they were at the time Mae died.

Ironically, many of those letters seem to have turned up in the possession of Stephanie Caruana, who claims to be the “sole” author of The Key. This e-mail she sent me in 2000 explains:

Anyway, I didn't start this letter to kid around, but to tell you that I am doing a new book, which will contain a fairly large amount of the original Roberts materials that I have. I am aware, as many people are not, that Roberts's stuff was spread around to a lot of people over a lot of years, in sections, before his death in 1976. (I knew him in 1974-5).

At one point, in 1970 or so, Roberts referred to "4 telephone-book -sized" piles of manuscripts that had preceded his current writing. I have a stack the thickness of about 1 telephone book, (we are not talking small-town–in-Tennessee phone books here), and I know there is a lot that I don't have. …

If you still have any of the originals (xerox copies, that is), I wonder if you could dig them up and send a copy to me. I have this desire, foolish though it may be, to try and assemble as much of the original material as possible.  What I have dates from 1970-1972, and again, 1974-5--about 400 pages in all.

Are these the “several hundred” or so letters that have disappeared from the Brussell Archive? Obviously, Caruana would have to have the originals if she were to be able to “transcribe and edit” them (unless she's pulling off a hoax similar to the Howard Hughes biography, which I have to doubt). She clearly claims she does have the originals. There would appear to be no other answer as to who removed them from the Brussell Archives. Just how does she explain this? So far she's totally ignored the issue.

According to Gary Buell:

"As to how she came into possession of the Roberts letters there is no mystery there.  She obtained copies of the letters from Tom Davis of Tom Davis books about two years ago. I confirmed this in a conversation with his son, Jeff Davis. Tom had a copy of the letters, not the originals. Tom Davis died in January. Prior to that she had not seen them since she first looked them over in the seventies. Where the original letters are I do not know.  Possibly still somewhere in the Mae Brussell archives, in the custody of Virginia McCollough, which are an unholy mess by all accounts. Or possibly John Judge might have them. As to the Roberts letter in which she is mentioned that is reproduced in her new booklet." (E-mail from Gary Buell, 4 May 2002)

According to Martin Cannon, who takes a dim view of both Caruana and the Gemstone Files, Caruana and Mae Brussell didn’t meet until 1974 – two years after Caruana claims she met Roberts (1972), whom she didn’t meet until after she met Brussell (again, according to Caruana herself). Until then, Martin writes, quoting Caruana, she was a Playgirl writer.

How did Caruana first gain access to the Roberts letters? Through a fascinating, frustrating lady named Mae Brussell, the legendary queen of conspiracy research. Brussell created the Gemstone File - literally: She was the one who placed Roberts’ letters into a manila folder and wrote the word “Gemstone” on the tab. (Presumably, Roberts’ interest in jewelry prompted this label.)

Caruana’s own words best describe her time as a Playgirl journalist:

I was writing articles for Playgirl magazine, primarily about issues of importance to women. I wrote about a new method of early abortion, at a time when abortions were only legal in New York and California, and coat-hanger-back-room-trips-to-Mexico stories were all too common. I wrote about decent nutrition and care for pregnant women as a way to avoid birth defects. I interviewed black poet Maya Angelou, and black feminist activist Flo Kennedy. Playgirl got off to a zooming start, probably due primarily to the male nudes, but I’d like to think that some of my articles on issues important to women helped. (This was at a time when, as now, women’s magazines pretty much stuck to cosmetics, diets, and how to get a better job.)

In 1974, Cannon writes, Caruana helped Mae Brussell write about the Patty Hearst kidnapping, claiming intelligence agency “plants” manipulated the Symbionese Liberation Army into actions to discredit the left. SLA leader William Harris responded to this article with a tape-recorded “tirade” against “White, sickeningly liberal, paranoid conspiracy freaks.” According to Cannon, Playgirl suggested the two collaborate on an article on Howard Hughes. It was during this project that Caruana stumbled across the Gemstone Files, a stack of hand-scrawled “letters” Roberts had written to Brussell and to several others – anyone who might listen. He had started sending these missives to Brussell in 1972. According to Caruana, as quoted by Cannon:

[Mae] “ordered” me to not actually read the letters, but only to skim over them, and only to read what related to Howard Hughes! At midnight, exhausted after a long hard day, I started to read. The first page was chock full of murders, poison, and dirty words. My reaction was: Hey, this guy is a paranoid schizophrenic. I’ve been told all my life about them. In a sense, I had been brainwashed to automatically reject anyone who talked about the things he did, in the ways he did it. I had to pull back and take a look at my reactions, and to decide that I would read the material with an open mind. It all held together - from first to last page.

Caruana's own words show how little regard she had for the trust that others placed in her. She seems to actually brag about disobeying Brussell's "orders" and doing what she pleased. Just how far did she take this betrayal of trust?

“She eventually broke with Brussell,” Cannon writes, “and visited Roberts.” This implies that she did not meet him in 1972 as claimed, but later – after she “broke” with Brussell. What was the reason for the break? Was it because the files turned up missing and Brussell suspected Caruana? We will never know, since Brussell died in 1988, and we have only Caruana’s self-interest to guide us. If Caruana didn’t meet Brussell until 1974 (the Hughes article was published in December 1974) – and claimed just a year later to have the files when she claims she released the first Key (take your pick of March, April, May or June, depending on which of her various stories you wish to believe, if any), then this would present a strong case that the disappearance of those files took place just before the two agreed to go their separate ways. (“Exposed at Last: The REAL Gemstone Files” by Martin Cannon, 2001, as it appears on the website

A look at the Table of Contents of her new book reveals the time frame of her original documents to be, as claimed, 1972 and 1974. Caruana is now hawking a $20 CD along with the book that may answer the question.

What we seem to have, then, based on the published comments of a number of people, including Caruana herself, is someone who has little or no regard for the private property of others, who somehow came into private property she was "ordered" not to even read (shortly after that property disappears from its rightful owner), and who seems to be obsessed not with documenting any of what she has, "but ... seems to insist on a way of making money on them before she releases them!" (James Daugherty quote - see above). In addition, the record clearly shows she "takes umbrage" at anyone who has the audacity to challenge or question even the smallest aspect of her story. Methinks she doth protest too much. Certainly, there are some "hot buttons" being pushed here and it would be interesting to know why she is so hyper-sensitive when asked for something as simple as proof of what she says.

Caruana Timeline