Baron Del Cementerio

In Dominican Voodun, the Loa in charge of the dead is El Baron del Cementerio, (The Baron of the Cementary), Saint Elijah. His feast day is one of contraversy, some say that it is the 17th of April, others that it is the 20th of July. To me it is the 20th of July. Comments on this? Please E-mail me and give me your opinions. Anyways, his colors are black and white. In some ocations, like for Baron del Monte, red is included. His drink is gin and cigars are offerd to him. He dose not consme this things while in head, as when he takes possesion of a head, the body is knocked out compleatly. The body lays stifly and coldly on the floor, like that of a dead corps. He makes no motion exept that of when the abdomen of the horse rises graetly like a big beer belly. Some times this Loa foams at the mouth.

Imidiatly that Baron takes possesion, the plaza runs to get his fula, which is black. Sometimes having a white cross stiched to it. If it dosen't have a cross stiched to it, the plaza would get a crusifix, which there usually is one on the altar placed inside a goblet of water, and places it on the stomach of the Loa (the horse's stomach). Quickly, all begin to pray. The Our Father, Hail Mary, and other prayers. While others pray, 4 white candels are being lit around the body in the form of a cross. Meaning, one above the head, one next to the left and right shoulders, and a final one at the feet of the Loa. Usually, Baron only lasts about 1 minute in head. After he leaves, the stomach of the person instantly drops. And the horse is help to get get up from the floor, that is if Metrés Loubana (Saint Martha the Dominadora) or Ghuede do not take possesion the body right after Baron del Cementerio leaves. El Baron del Cementerio, who is also called Baron Cemitye as in Haitian Vodou, is "used" also for protection. Yet, he is also one that helps against obsticles. His help is also inlisted when dealing with the dead. If a house or a person is being haunted by the dead, Baron Cemitye,or Baron Samedi (The Baron of Saturday) are involked to aid those being haunted.

In the same maner, those who "work with both hands", meaning do good and evil, when they need to send out one of these dead spirits to haunt someone, the must call on El Baron del Cementerio and the Ghuede Loa to ask for permision to use these souls of those long gone.