Unretouched Photos Of Changes In Water Color Along The Intracoastal Waterway
The first two photos below were taken at the same location near the Route 707 bride in Jupiter, Florida (the "rope swing" area.)

The first was taken on an
incoming tide when the gulf stream was running close to the Jupiter Inlet.  Note the exceptionally clear blue water coming in from the ocean. 

The second was taken on an
outgoing tide.  Note the brown water from inland canals.  These photos are original and have not been modified for effect.
While no picture can do this beautiful water justice, the photo below can give you an idea.  It looks down into 8 feet of clear blue waterWhite sand and rocks are easily seen underneath.
Photo below:  Blue water flows from the Jupiter Inlet near the Lighthouse, to the delight of young boaters & local pelicans.
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