History Of The Parish
Brothertoft is a rambling parish situated about 4 miles west of Boston, Lincolnshire, south of Langrick.
The Parish Church was built around 1847 and is dedicated to St Gilbert Of Semperingham.  Decorated with dark wood and a rich blue carpet. It has a small bell tower. The oldest stones in the churchyard were pulled up in recent years, and lined along the path, to make way for a car park which now stands to the North side of the church. The graveyard is almost full and expected to be closed once it is. Next to the church is the impressive Georgian Hall, owned currently by Mr Peter Robinson. It was built in the early 19th Century.
The Parish Hall stands at the entrance to the field which encloses the church. It was built in ---- by Mr Gee as a school, which had become only a sunday school by 1909 and eventually closed. Children were schooled at Hedgehog Bridge School, a fair walk through the fields to Cut End.
In the late 1920s, council houses were built on the land at Brothertoft, and one of a group of four was occupied by my grandparents, Charles Herbert, and Maud Mary Epton. They lived at no 3, (now 11) from around 1931, to 1979. No 4, (now 12) was occupied by Walter and Sarah Epton (distant cousins) until shortly before Walters death in 1965. Thereafter it was occupied by Charlie Ullyatt, until a few years before my grandfathers move. No 1, (now 9) was occupied by Mr and Mrs Ireland, later by John Appleyard.
The Halls occupants have been well documented,  In the early Census years, the resident was Thomas Gee, and his wife Ann. He was a banker as well as a farmer. By 1901 it was occupied by Henry Peart.  William Ernest Sharpe being the farmer in occupancy during most of my grandfathers time. After his death the Hall was occupied by Mr Robinson and his wife Mary, Ernest Sharpes daughter. It is now occupied by their son Peter Robinson.
1841 Census Returns
Thomas Gee 50 Banker
Ann Gee 40 O.O.C.
William Mells 20 M. S.
Edward Maltby 20 M.S.
Jane Evison 25 F.S.
Mary Ann Johnson 20 F.S.

William Toynton 35 Farmer
Elizabeth Toynton 40
Henry Toynton 13
Betsey Toynton 11
Eliza Toynton 8
Mary Ann Toynton 7
John Toynton 3
Joseph Toynton 1
George Oliver 20 M.S.
Thomas Oliver 15 M.S.
Mary Horsewood 20 F.S.
Elizabeth Pepper 15 F.S.

John Borman 40 Farmer               s/o Wm
Ann Borman 45                            wid Hubbard d/o Wm Dickerson m.31.12.1840 Brothertoft
Borman Borman 15
George Borman 7
Elizabeth Borman 9
John Borman 2
Hannah Eastgate 15 F.S.

Robert Plant 30 Farmer
Kate Cooper 25 F.S. O.O.C.
Elizabeth Trafford 15 F.S.
John Thompson 20 M.S.
Daniel Maskell 15 M.S.

Henry Wright 25 Ag Labourer
Mary Wright 20

Elizabeth Naylor 50
Eliza Naylor 25
Joseph Haughton 70 Ag Labourer

James Francis 50 Ag Labourer
Elizabeth Francis 60

Thomas Allen 30 Ag Labourer
Elizabeth Allen 30
William Allen 4

Robert Pepper 35 Ag Labourer
Ann Pepper 35
Emma Pepper 12
Ann Pepper 8
William Pepper 4
Solomon Bromitt 25 M.S.

Richard Hydes 30 Farmer     s/o u/k married Ann Kirk d/o U/K 14.05.1840 Brothertoft
Ann Hydes 30
Elizabeth Hydes 1 month

William Archer 35 Ag Labourer
Mary Archer 30
Frances Archer 10
Mary Archer 5
Hannah Archer 2
Amos Archer 2months

Thomas Cornwell 30 Carpenter
Martha Cornwell 30
Joseph Cornwell 3
John Cornwell 2
Thomas Cornwell 2months
Henry Cartwright 15 Carpenters App
Sarah Brackenbury 15 F.S.

John Peart 20 Farmer                           s/o Wiley b.07.04.1817 c.11.05.1817 s/o Willy & Ann at Swines.
Mary Peart 20                                       nee Mary Ann Naylor d/o William m. at Brothertoft 20.10.1838
Mary Peart 1
Charles Alban 15 M.S.
Henry Palmer 15 M.S.
Susannah Toyne 15 F.S.

Matthew Billinghay 30 Blacksmith
Charlotte Billinghay 30
John Billinghay 8
James Billinghay 5
Mary Billinghay 3
Thomas Jackson 30 Blacksmiths Apil?

William Bontoft 30 Ag Labourer
Mary Bontoft 35
George Bontoft 15
John Bontoft 12
James Bontoft 5
Elizabeth Bontoft 2

John Cornwell 55 Ag Labourer
Samuel Warner 30 Ag Labourer
Henry Louis 25 Ag Labourer

William Johnson 40 Ag Labourer
Mary Johnson 35
Richard Johnson 9
Charles Johnson 1
Jane Johnson 6
Matilda Johnson 4

William Maidens 50 Farmer
Mary Maidens 45
John Maidens 8
Ann Maidens 5
George Maidens 6months
John Mottram 20 M.S.
John Maidens 15 M.S.
Elizabeth Stubs 15 F.S.

George Oglesby 60 Ag Labourer
Ann Vines 85
Elizabeth Samer? 30
Elizabeth 11
Susan 9
Mary 8
Milicent 6

NB Elizabeth Scaman Wid d/o Geo Oglesby m. Edward Kew s/o Ed 28.04.1842 Brothertoft

James MaCrorie 45 Farmer
Harriet MaCrorie 45
Elizabeth MaCrorie 15
Harriet MaCrorie 15
Ann MaCrorie 14
Henry MaCrorie 12
Lusey (Lucy) MaCrorie 7
Sarah MaCrorie 5
James MaCrorie 3
John Raison 15 M.S.
John Kirk 15 M.S.
George Ireland 13 M.S.

Joseph Dodd 25 Miller
Mary Dodd 20
Thomas Rasdale 20 M.S.
Gad Ely 20 M.S.                         s/o John m.18.03.1842 Brothertoft  Rebecca Whittington d/o John
John Hutchenson 20 M.S.
Ann Lewis 15 F.S.

End of the parish of Brothertoft

1851 Census Returns

George Manning Head 48 Miller Boston
Susan Manning Wife 42 Millers Wife Wainfleet
George Jnr Manning Son 6 Scholar (at home) Brothertoft
James Turner apprentice 21 Millers Apprentice Sleaford
Susanna Wilson Svt 28 House Svt Wrangle

John Moody Head 47 Ag Labourer Erby
Jane Moody Wife 38  Friskney
Mary J Croford Niece 13 loox like throb?
Joseph Pachet Svt Marr 35 Ag Labourer Wrangle

James MaCrorie Head 53 Farmer 32 Acres Brothertoft
Harriet MaCrorie Wife 53 Frieston
Elizabeth MaCrorie Dtr 26 Brothertoft
Sarah MaCrorie Dtr 15 Brothertoft
James MaCrorie Son 12 Brothertoft
Henry Hervey Svt 23 Ag Labourer Sibsey
John Hervey Svt 19 Ag Labourer Sibsey
George Daverson Svt 17 Ag Labourer Swineshead

Matthew Billinghay Head 41 Blacksmith Billinghay
Charlotte Billinghay Wife 41 Swineshead
John Billinghay Son 18 Blacksmith Billinghay
James Billinghay Son 15 Ag Labourer Billinghay
Mary Ann Billinghay Dtr 13 Scholar Billinghay
George Oglesby Lodger Wid 69 Ag Labourer Kealby
John Phenix Visitor Mar 37 Shoemaker Whaplode

Mary Arker Head Wid 44 Washerwoman Coningsby
Hannah Arker Dtr 12 Brothertoft
Ainas Arker Son 10 Brothertoft
Betsey Arker Dtr 7 Brothertoft
William Arker Son 5 Brothertoft

Edward Brummet Head Wid 75 Ag Labourer Kirton
Solomon Brummet Son 34 Ag Labourer Wigtoft
Mary Ann Brummet Dtr 33 Housekeeper  Wigtoft

John Peart Head 33 Farmer 112 Acres emply 3 Labs Swineshead
Mary Ann Peart Wife 33 Farmers Wife Brothertoft
Mary Ann Naylor Peart Dtr 11 Farmers Dtr Brothertoft
Henry Peart Son 9 Farmers Son Brothertoft
Sarah Elizabeth Peart Dtr 6 Farmers Dtr Brothertoft
Esther Peart Dtr 3 Farmers Dtr Brothertoft
Willey Peart Son 3 Farmers Son Brothertoft
Hannah Peart Dtr 2 Farmers Dtr Brothertoft
Vincent Eastgate Svt 21 Ag Labourer Kirton
Thomas Eastgate Svt 15 Ag Labourer Kirton
Lucy Rilot Svt 22 House Svt Sutterton
Ann Roberts Svt 16 House Svt Wigtoft

James Ouglesby Head 40 Ag Labourer Brothertoft
Bridget Ouglesby Wife 29 Scotland

Henry Hen Westmoreland Head 28 Gardener Skirbeck
Sophia Westmoreland Wife 25 Coningsby
Betsey Ann Westmoreland Dtr ? (age unreadable) Brothertoft
Mary Westmoreland Dtr ? ( age unreadable) Brothertoft
Jane Wilcock Visitor Marr 60 Nurse Willoughby

Thomas Gee Head 63 Banker Boston
Anne Gee Wife 54 Brampton Sfk
Susan Lyall Svt 28 Legbourne
Anne Naylor Svt 27 Brothertoft
Lucy MaCrorie Svt 17 Brothertoft
John Orby (or Oxby) Svt 20  Roughton
Henry Toynton Svt 24 Brothertoft

Betsey Naylor Head Wid 63 Washerwoman Benington
Eliza Naylor Dtr 39 Invalid Brothertoft

William Toynton Head Wid 49 Farmer 101 Acres Employing 2 Labs Benington
Betsey Toynton Dtr 21 Farmers Dtr Brothertoft
Eliza Toynton Dtr 18 Farmers Dtr Brothertoft
John Robert Toynton Son 12 Farmers Son/Scholar Brothertoft
Joseph Toynton Son 11 Farmers Son/Scholar Brothertoft
Catherine Toynton Dtr 7 Farmers Dtr Brothertoft
Joseph Twig Svt 25 Ag Labourer Leake
Thomas Barnet Svt 15 Ag Labourer Frampton
Ann Calebank Svt 19 House Svt Sibsey

Thomas Allen Head 45 Ag Labourer Kirton
Elizabeth Allen Wife 44 Dressmaker Frieston
William Allen Son 14 Scholar Brothertoft

Elizabeth Frances Head Wid 76  Sibsey

Daniel Cook Head 27 Farmer 178 Acres 1 Labourer Kirton
Ann Cook Wife 24 Billinghay
Fanny Cook Dtr 3 Frampton
Betsey Cook Dtr 1 Kirton
John William Cook Son 3 Brothertoft
Sarah Cook Sister 22 Dressmaker Kirton
Ann Porters Svt 17 House Svt Martin
William Booth Svt 22 Ag Labourer Kirton

John Naylor Head 28 Ag Labourer Heckington
Elizabeth Naylor Wife 25 Frampton
John Naylor Son 4 Brothertoft
William Naylor Son 2 Brothertoft

Jonathon Fox Head 29 Farmer 108 Acres 2 Labourers Brothertoft (extraparochial)
Sally Fox Wife 31 Brothertoft (extraparochial)
George Beeham Fox Son 9 Scholar Brothertoft
Aime Fox Dtr 8 Scholar Brothertoft
Sarah Jane Fox Dtr 7 Scholar Brothertoft
Mary Fairthewers Svt 16 House Svt Kirton Fen
William Hewett Svt 20 Ag Labourer Coningsby
William Wakefield Svt 17 Ag Labourer  Kirton Fen

John Abraham Head Marr 48 Farmer 120 Acres 2 Labourers Wainfleet
Elizabeth Abraham Dtr 16 Wainfleet
Richard Abraham Son 8 Bratoft
Mary Benton Svt 20 House Svt Skirbeck
Samuel Smith Boarder 26 Carpenter Boston

Thomas Cornwell Head 45  Kirton (presumably the carpenter line above should be here)
Martha Cornwell Wife 42 Frieston
Joseph Cornwell Son 12 Extraparochial (dumb)
John Lawis Cornwell Son 11 Scholar Brothertoft
Thomas Cornwell Son 10 Scholar Brothertoft
William Cornwell Son 9 Scholar Brothertoft
Elizabeth Wells Cornwell Dtr 8 Scholar Brothertoft
Henry Cornwell Son 7 Brothertoft
Edward Cornwell Son 5 Brothertoft
James Cornwell Son 3months Brothertoft
Charles Sharp APP 20 Carpenters App. Butterwick

Robert White Hutson Head 70 Toll Collector (Out Office) Spilsby
Ann Hutson Wife 41  Tattershall
Joseph Tasker Hutson Son 11 Scholar Donington

John Cook Head 29 Ag Labourer  Algarkirk Fen
Mary Cook Wife 30 Pointon
Edward Cook Son 1 Brothertoft
Ann Blackburn Visitor Wid 72 Nurse Stapleford

John Spring Head 35 Agl Labourer Leake
Jane Spring Wife 36 Frieston
William Spring Son 7 Scholar Fishtoft
Henry Spring Son 5 Scholar Fishtoft
Jane Spring Dtr 2  Fishtoft
Elizabeth Spring Dtr 11 months Brothertoft
William Spring Neph 12 Scholar Leverton

End of the parish of Brothertoft
1861 Census Returns
Brothertoft Turnpike
William Mells Head 43 Farmer of 72 Acres Sibsey
Mary Mells Wife 34 Farmers Wife Boston West
William Mells Son 12 Scholar Kirton Holme
Alfred Mells Son 10 Scholar Kirton Holme
John Mells Son 8 Scholar Brothertoft
Henry Mells Son 7 Scholar Brothertoft
Mary Mells Dtr 5 Scholar Brothertoft
Martha Mells Dtr 3 Scholar Brothertoft
Moses Clark Svt 16 House Boy or Carter Fosdyke Fen
Rebecca Craven Svt 16 Maid of all work Algarkirk
Betsey Craven Svt 14 Nursemaid Algarkirk

Brothertoft Turnpike
Elizabeth Naylor Head Wid 72 Lodge Keeper Benington
Eliza Naylor Dtr Unm 49  Invalid Brothertoft

Brothertoft Turnpike
Mary Gibber or Giller Head Wid 70 Housekeeper Manchester Lancs
Eliza Gibber or Giller Dtr Unm 31 Teacher of School  Manchester lancs

Brothertoft Turnpike
John Wright Head 37 Farm Bailiff Wrangle
Elizabeth Wright Wife 43 Bailiffs Wife Leake
William Wright Son 13 Scholar Wrangle
Eliza Wright Dtr 10 Scholar Wrangle
Sarah Wright Dtr 8 Scholar Pelhams Land
Thomas Dowse Svt 20 Carter  Leake

Brothertoft Turnpike
Frederick Shaw Head 28 Farm Bailiff Sausthorpe
Ann E Shaw Wife 22 Bailiffs Wife Aby
John F Shaw Son 1 Tothill
Sabina Willows Svt 16  General Svt Aby
William Stubbleday Svt 18 Carter Swineshead
Philip Willows 12 Visitor Scholar Aby

Brothertoft Turnpike
Jonathon Fox Head Wid 40 Farmer 108 Acres 2 Labourers Extraparochial
Ann Fox Dtr 19 Brothertoft
Sarah J. Fox Dtr 18 Brothertoft
Mary Jane Chambers Svt 17 Gnl Svt Nth 40foot Bank
John  Burrows Svt 16 Yard Boy Thimbleby

The Hall
Thomas Gee Head 73 Banker and Farmer 227 Acres8 Labourers Boston
Ann Gee Wife 65 Brampton Sfk
Elizabeth Smith Svt 46 Cook Swinderby
Marianne Turner Svt 42 Housemaid Bridge Casterton Rutland
Elizabeth Wells Svt 22 Kitchenmaid Toynton St Peter
Thomas Twell Svt 30 Footman Cammeringham

Chapel Cottage
Henry W Stear Head 38 Gardener Wyberton
?? Stear Wife 35 Coningsby
Betsey H Stear Dtr 11 Scholar Brothertoft
Mary J Stear Dtr 10 Scholar  Brothertoft

Chapel Cottage
Richard Hydes Head 53 Coachman Kirton
Ann Hydes Wife 51 Friskney
Henrietta Hydes Dtr 10 Scholar Boston

Old Inclosure
John Peart Head 43 Farmer Swineshead
Mary Ann Peart Wife 43 Brothertoft
Mary Ann Peart Dtr 21 Brothertoft
Henry Peart Son 19 Brothertoft
Sarah E Peart Dtr 16 Scholar Brothertoft
Esther Peart Dtr 15 Scholar Brothertoft
Willey Peart Son 14 Scholar Brothertoft
Hannah Peart Dtr 12 Scholar Brothertoft
John Peart Son 8 Scholar Brothertoft
Emily Peart Dtr 6 Scholar Brothertoft
Kate Peart Dtr 3 Brothertoft
Thomas Peart Son 1 Brothertoft
Mary Ann Baxter Svt 24 Gnl Svt Gosberton
Charles Booth Svt 18 Carter Kirton
Samuel Cropper Svt 15 Carter Frieston

Old Inclosure
William Rodgers Head 37 Tailor Extraparochial
Eliza Rodgers Wife 30 Horncastle
Mary Ann  Rodgers Dtr 10 Scholar Hagworthingham
Eliza Rodgers Dtr 8 Scholar Extraparochial
Matilda Rodgers Dtr 5 Scholar Brothertoft
James G Bacchus App 14 Apprentice Tailor Donington

_____ _____
Matthew Billinghay Head 51 Blacksmith Billinghay
Charlotte Billinghay Wife 51 Swineshead
James Billinghay Son 25 Gardener Billinghay
John G Billinghay Grandson 4 Scholar Frampton
William Barrett App 16 Blacksmiths Apprentice Sutterton Fen

The Orchard
Rhodes Marshall Head 30 Corn Thrasher (Machine Man) Coningsby
Mary A Marshall Wife 24 Brothertoft

_____ _____
William Johnson Head Wid 66 Road Repairer Claypole
Sarah Johnson Dtr 12 Coningsby

Old Inclosure
Robert Watson Head 25 Horse Keeper (Carter) Wyberton
Phoebe Watson Wife 22 Boston
Harriet Watson Dtr 5months Kirton
Eliza Watson Sister 12 Visitor Wyberton

_____ _____
John Millhouse Head 50 Groundkeeper Kirton
Ann Millhouse Wife 43 Swineshead
Charles Millhouse Son 17 Carter Swineshead
Gentle Millhouse Son 16 Ag Labourer Swineshead
Sarah A Millhouse Dtr 9 Scholar Kirton
William Millhouse Son 7  Scholar Brothertoft
John Millhouse Son 6 Scholar Brothertoft

Old Inclosure
Matthew H. Fletcher Head 23 Ag Labourer 40foot Bank
Rachel Fletcher Wife 21 Leake
William R Fletcher Son 8months Forty Foot Bank

_____ _____
William Clark Head 30 Ag Labourer Washingborough
Harriett Clark Wife 30  Kirton
Richard Clark Son 4 Extraparochial
Edward Clark Son 3 Extraparochial

_____ _____
Daniel Cook Head 38 Farmer 78 Acres Kirton
Ann Cook Wife 34 Billinghay
Fanny Cook Dtr 13 Scholar Frampton
John W Cook Son 10 Scholar Brothertoft
Mary Cook Dtr 8 Scholar Brothertoft
Betsey W Cook Dtr 7 Scholar Brothertoft
Ann Cook Dtr 5 Scholar Brothertoft
Charlotte Cook Dtr 4 Brothertoft
Martha Cook Dtr 2  Brothertoft
Joseph Gunson Svt 18 Carter Leake
Rachel Parker Svt 21 General Svt Friskney
Christmas Wilkinson Chairwoman 39 Wellingore

By Bank
Thomas Cornwell Head 55 Carpenter occ. 12 acres land Boston
Martha Cornwell Wife 53 Frieston
Thomas Cornwell Son 20 Farming son Brothertoft
William Cornwell Son 19 Carpenter Brothertoft
Elizabeth W Cornwell Dtr 18  Brothertoft
Edward Cornwell Son 16 Farming Boy Brothertoft
James Cornwell Son 10 Scholar Brothertoft

By The Bank
John Barber Head 68 Ag Labourer West Keal
Elizabeth Barber Wife 64 East Kirkby
Ann Barber Dtr 23 Dressmaker Brothertoft

Old Inclosure
Thomas Eastgate Head 39 Ag Labourer Kirton Holme
Charlotte Eastgate Wife 38 Little Hale
George Barber Lodger Wid 67 Ag Labourer West Keal

Joseph Savage Head 48 Ag Labourer Holbeach
Mary Savage Wife 41 Moulton
Thomas J Savage Son 14 Ag Labourer Moulton
Mary Savage Dtr 9 Moulton
Elenor Savage Dtr 5 Deeping St James
Mira Savage Dtr 2 Pinchbeck

End of the parish of Brothertoft