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The Origin of  the Name

       The origin of  the family name "GEEVES" is a point of  great debate among those of
us who have researched the family.  One theory is that it comes from the patron Saint of
Paris, St. Genevieve.  Another more down to earth theory is that it has Anglo-Saxon roots
indicating a relationship eg. "Son of  Geoff"  or  "Serf  of  Geoff".   Yet another theory has it that the name has Jewish roots, though no evidence of  this has been found.  English Parish Records show many generations of  Geeves registered as Protestants, mostly worshiping at  Independant Churches (Congregational)[In fact, it was as a lay preacher that my anscestor William GEEVES migranted to Tasmania, Australia.] 

        The spelling of  the name varies quite a bit Gieve, Geves, Geaves, Geeves, Jeeves, Jeaves, Jieves  (all of  which can be found in use today).  Our line of  the family are known to have used the forms Jeaves, Geeves, Jeeves.  The name (in all its forms) can be found in the Parish Records of  a number of  English Counties.  By far the largest concentration can be found in the Shires of  Cambridge & Bedfordshire.  It is strongly believed that the GEEVES of  those two shires are from the same original stock.  Our line of  the family are from Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire, not far from the borders of  Bedfordshire & Hertsfordshire.
The  International Genealogical Index earliest listing re:- the name "GEEVES"  was the
Marriage of  a "Thomas GEEVE to Margaret BATTISFORD" on 6th. November 1595 in the Town of  Chesterton, Cambridge, England.  The children of this marriage were christened in Isleham, Cambridge, England.  Parish Records indicate that our line was in or around Bassingbourn, Cambridge for a number of  generations.  However there is much debate as to our family's direct line, before the 1786 marriage of  William GEEVES to Mary OSBOURN, in Bassingbourn.  This is, in the main because of the fact that the early records are incomplete or inconclusive.

1.  William GEEVES
     Born:   circa.  1753,   Steeple Morden, Cambridge, England.
     Died:   ?? Jan. 1838,   Bassingbourn, Cambridge, England.
    Married:   11th. Oct. 1786,  Bassingbourn, Cambridge, England.
     Born:    circa. 1762,  Uxbridge, Middlesex, England.
     Died:    after 1851, Bassingbourn(?), Cambridge, England.

     2.  William GEEVES
          Bapt:  31st. July 1791, Bassingbourn, Cambridge, England.
          Died:  22nd. March 1863, Geeveston, Tasmania, Australia.
          Married 1st.    30th. Sept. 1810,  Fowlmere, Cambridge, England.
          Spouse  1st.    Mary WEST
          Born:   circa. 1785, Cambridge, England.
          Died:   13th. Jan. 1855, Geeveston, Tasmania, Australia.

          3.  William GEEVES
               Born:  23rd. June 1811,  Fowlmere, Cambridge, England.
               Died:  1st. August 1878,  Geeveston, Tasmania, Australia.
               Married:  3rd. May 1842,  Foxton, Cambridge, England.
               Spouse:  Susan WARBOYS, 1822-1903
               ( daughter of  James Henry & Ann WARBOYS )

               4.  Mary Ann GEEVES          sp: David William NICHOLAS
               4. Thomas GEEVES   1845-1845
               4.  William Isaac GEEVES   1846-1847
               4.  Susan GEEVES         sp: Richard Newton HOSKING
               4.  Sophia GEEVES         sp: William Brown HOSKING
               4.  Louisa GEEVES         sp:  Joseph Pierce HOSKING
               4.  Charles GEEVES         sp:  Annie Paulinar HOHNE
               4.  Fanny GEEVES         sp:William Ebenezer ASHLIN
               4.  Joseph GEEVES   1858-1859
               4.  Anna (Hannah) GEEVES    sp: James Claridge ASHLIN

          3.  Mary Ann GEEVES    (no children)
               Born:  26th. July 1813,  Fowlmere, Cambridge, England.
               Died:  24th. May 1843, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
               Married:   pre.  1842,  Cambridge(?), England.
               Spouse:    Mr. WARBOYS  (died pre. 1842)
(Mary Ann WARBOYS nee GEEVES died from Consumption  eight months after arriving in Hobart with her parents)

          3.  Thomas GEEVES   (no children)
               Born:  27th. Sept. 1815,  Fowlmere, Cambridge, England
               Died:  18th. August 1835, Fowlmere, Cambridge, England.
                    (died in an accident which involved a horse, he either fell off a horse or was knocked down by one ).

          3.  Susan GEEVES
               Born:  27th. August 1817,  Fowlmere, Cambridge, England.
               Died:  28th. Nov. 1880,  Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
               Married  1st.  9th. Sept. 1838, Fowlmere, Cambridge, England.
               Spouse 1st:      
John West COOPER 1809-1853
               ( son of  Robert COOPER & Eleanor WEST )

               4. Arthur William COOPER  1839-1839

               4. William Jeaves COOPER  sp: Mary Matilda McKENZIE

                   5.  Flora Matilda COOPER  sp: Edwin Samuel WILSON
                   5.  Ellen Mary COOPER    1874-1940
                   5.  William Elsden COOPER    sp: Ethel PLUMMER
                   5.  Frederick Harcourt COOPER    1878-1959
                   5.  Beatrice Annie COOPER    sp: Mark HAWKER
                   5.  Maude Emily COOPER       sp: Sidney Behl JENKINS
                                                                       sp: Arthur Burton MORRIS
                   5.  Alice Ethel COOPER            sp: Norman OUTRAM

Mary Ann Jeaves COOPER       sp: Guiseppi FRANZI

               4. Sarah Louisa Jeaves COOPER  sp: John Thomas ALLAN

                   5.  Mary Elizabeth ALLAN       sp: George MANTHORPE
                   5.  Thomas John ALLAN           sp: Annie HUSSEY
                   5.  Ellen Frances ALLAN           sp: George James CLEARY
                   5.  Florence May Elizabeth ALLAN   1876-1877

               4. Frances Eleanor COOPER   1848-1851

          (details of  #3. Susan GEEVES' 2nd. Marriage )
          Married:  11th. August 1854, Hobart Town, Tasmania, Australia
Firmin Harcourt COOK  1822-1914
          ( son of  Benjamin COOK & Mary CLOPPER )

               4.  Hannah Ellen COOK         1855-1928
               4.  Frances Emily COOK               sp: John Ernest JOMARTZ
               4.  Firmin Charles COOK              sp: Mary Jane DIGGERSON
                                                                       sp: Pauline PERRIN
               4.  Robert Harcourt COOK           sp: Amelia EDWARDS

          3.  John GEEVES
               Born: 22nd. Sept. 1820,  Fowlmere, Cambridge, England.
               Died:  31st. August 1914, Geeveston, Tasmania, Australia.
               Married:  5th. Dec. 1840,  Fowlmere(?), Cambridge, England.
               Spouse:  Sarah GIFFIN  1817-1899 
               (daughter of  Thomas GIFFIN & Kitty RANDALL )

               4.  Sarah Gifford GEEVES            sp: William HAMMOND
               4.  Emma GEEVES                        sp: James FORD
               4.  Susan GEEVES            1846-1864
               4.  Thomas GEEVES         1848-1857
               4.   Mary GEEVES                         sp: Joseph McKIBBEN
               4.   Eliza GEEVES                          sp: Mitchell GLOCK
               4.   John William GEEVES             sp: Alice Jean ROBERTSON
               4.   William Giffin GEEVES            sp: Elizabeth MOLES
               4.   George Albert GEEVES           sp:  Annie Nancy EVANS

          3.  Isaac GEEVES (JEEVES)
               Born:  20th. July 1822, Fowlmere, Cambridge, England.
               Died:  28th. Oct. 1878, Lilydale, Victoria, Australia.
               Married:  20th. Dec. 1853, Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
               Spouse: Ann THEOBALDS    1826-1916 
               (daughter of  Gamaliel THEOBALDS & Elizabeth HAGGER)

                4.  Elizabeth JEEVES         1854-1854
                4.  Ellis Theobald JEEVES                 sp: Eliza Harriet HAND
                4.  Martha JEEVES                            sp: Francis Matthew CHILD
                4.  Isaac JEEVES                                sp: Selina LEACH
                4.  Joseph JEEVES             1860-1860
                4.  Ophelia Eliza JEEVES                   sp: James HOUGHTON
                4.  William JEEVES                            sp: Ellen CRONAN
                4.  Arthur John JEEVES     1867-1869

           3.  Charles GEEVES
                Born:  12th. June 1824, Fowlmere, Cambridge, England.
                Died:   ????????????? (nothing known after 1850's)

           3.  Stephen GEEVES
                Born:  20th. August 1826,  Fowlmere, Cambridge, England.
                Died:  29th. March 1914,  Geeveston, Tasmania, Australia.
                Married:  2nd. June 1851,  Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
                Spouse: Lois HICKMAN  1833-1907
                (daughter of Richard HICKMAN & Phillis FENNELL )

           3.  Sophia GEEVES
                Born:  10th. August 1828, Fowlmere, Cambridge, England.
                Died:  9th. Jan. 1918,  Geeveston, Tasmania, Australia.
                Married  1st:  31st. March 1845, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
                Spouse:  1st:   Peter WALES  1818-1850

                4.  Peter James WALES   1849-1855

                Married  2nd:  25th. April 1851,  Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
                Spouse 2nd:   John William WEAWELL     1821-1905
                (no children born to this marriage)

           3.  Osborne GEEVES
                Born:  21st. April 1831,  Fowlmere, Cambridge, England.
                Died:  13th. Nov. 1928,  Geeveston, Tasmania, Australia.
                Married:  28th. Feb. 1856,  Newtown, Tasmania, Australia.
                Spouse:    Eliza HICKMAN   1831-1908
                (daughter of Richard HICKMAN & Phillis FENNELL )

                4.  Eliza GEEVES                      sp: Robert Manning HARVEY
                4.  Harriett GEEVES                 sp: Robert Hay
                4.  Osborne GEEVES                sp: Mary May EVANS
                4.  Phyllis GEEVES                    sp: Charles Samuel MARSH
                4.  Richard GEEVES                 sp: Elizabeth CUTHBERT
                4.  Arthur GEEVES        1865-1897
                4.  Edward GEEVES                  sp: Charlotte McKELLOR
                4.  Rachel GEEVES        1869-1872
                4.  Martha GEEVES                  sp: Frederick William NICHOLSON

     (below are details of  "#2. William GEEVES"  2nd. Marriage)
      Married 2nd.    12th. Feb. 1857,  Franklin, Tasmania, Australia.
      Spouse  2nd.Rachel SINCLAIR   ( no Children from this marriage)

      2.   Thomas GEEVES
            Bapt:  17th. July 1793,  Bassingbourn, Cambridge, England.
            Died:  After 1841, Bassingbourn(?), Cambridge, England.
            Married:   24th. Dec. 1816,  Bassingbourn, Cambridge, England.
            Spouse: Sarah BENTRAM   1798-1817

      2.   Mary GEEVES     (no children)
            Bapt:  24th. May 1795, Bassingbourn, Cambridge, England.
            Died:  15th. Feb. 1798,  Bassingbourn, Cambridge, England.

      2.   Sophia GEEVES
            Born:  circa.  1802,  Bassingbourn(?), Cambridge, England.
            Died:   After  1841
            Married:   24th. April 1828, Bassingbourn, Cambridge, England.
            Spouse:    John  SHARMAN

            3.   John SHARMAN   Bapt. 16th. Nov. 1828, Bassingbourn, Cambridge, England.
            3.   William SHARMAN  Born:  circa. 1833, Bassingbourn, Cambridge, England.

      2.   John GEEVES
            Born:  Between  1803-1806,  Bassingbourn, Cambridge, England.
            Died:   17th. June 1888,  Geeveston, Tasmania, Australia.
            Married:  13th. Oct. 1830,  Bassingbourn, Cambridge, England.
            Spouse:  Sarah Day MANNING    1812-1895
            ( daughter of  Samuel MANNING & Hannah EVANS)

            3.  Samuel GEEVES  (no children)
                 Bapt:  2nd. Feb. 1834, Bassingbourn, Cambridge, England.
                 Died:  4th. Feb. 1834, Bassingbourn, Cambridge, England.

            3.  Thomas John GEEVES
                 Bapt:  2nd. May 1841,  Bassingbourn, Cambridge, England.
                 Died:  3rd. July 1896,  Geeveston, Tasmania, Australia.
                 Married:  24th. Nov. 1862, Franklin, Tasmania, Australia.
                 Spouse:   Elizabeth Mortimer STEWART
                 ( daughter of  George STEWART & Elizabeth MORTIMER )

                 4.  Joshua John GEEVES               sp: Elizabeth Ann WELLS
                 4.  Thomas William GEEVES         sp: Emily Helen LUMSDEN
                 4.  Peter Osborne  GEEVES          1868-1875
                 4.  Samuel Manning  GEEVES       sp: Millvina ASHLIN
                 4.  Sarah Day  GEEVES                 sp: James William RILEY
                 4.  Alfred George  GEEVES           sp: Amelia Ann Millicent McLAREN
                 4.  James Wales  GEEVES             sp:  Mary May MURRAY
                 4.  Henry Edward  GEEVES           sp:  Amelia Ross ANDERSON
                 4.  David Stanley GEEVES             sp: Lilian May GAMBLE
                 4.  Arthur Weawell GEEVES          1883-1883
                 4.  Rhoda Alice  GEEVES               sp: Thomas Henry MOORE
                 4.  Albert Ernest  GEEVES             1885-1907
                 4.  Ella Mary  GEEVES                   sp: George Henry SMITH

            3.  William "Billo" GEEVES   (No Children)
                 Bapt:  3rd. March 1844,  Bassingbourn, Cambridge, England.
                 Died:   29th. March 1922,  Geeveston, Tasmania, Australia.

            3.  Elizabeth GEEVES
                 Born:  circa. 1848,  Bassingbourn, Cambridge, England.
                 Died:         1848,  Bassingbourn, Cambridge, England.

      2.   Susannah GEEVES
            Born:  circa.  1806,  Bassingbourn, Cambridge, England.
            Married:  28th. April 1828,  Bassingbourn, Cambridge, England.
            Spouse   :John JACKSON 
        The following is the story of  a branch of  my  family tree, this branch is called "GEEVES". The sources of  information were; I. G. I., Parish Church Records from Cambridge, England, Census Records, Births, Deaths & Marriages Certificates & some old records which are held by members of the family.  Special thanks to all the people who have sent me their family details.  And extra special thanks to Alan PICKLES of  England & Ken READ of  Tasmania. My own line of  the GEEVES family is through Susan GEEVES (a.k.a. JEEVES) who was the
4th. child of  William GEEVES & his wife Mary WEST.

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