Meaning of Satsang

Satsang is the company of a good person, or group of persons. 'Sat' stands for Truth or  Godliness;  'sang' for company.  Company of the sants (saints, which word came from sant) ennobles, educates (in a higher sense) and 'purifies' us. Purifies means removes from our mind greed, lust, pride, jealousy,vanity and delusion. We generally see these defects in other people. But in Satsang, we start seeing them in ourselves, because we are in the Satsang basically for ourselves, to correct ourselves.  

If I were totally happy with myself, needing nothing, I would not have come to Satsang. It is this need, a fear of uncertain future, a lacuna in life in spite of having everything, an inexplicable void despite being wealthy or powerful, that makes me come to Satsang. When I am totally happy and contented and need nothing (because of right understanding of the world), then also I will come to Satsang, to share what I know with others.  

In Satsang the prevailing atmosphere is one of nobility, understanding, generosity and love. All noble qualities are to the fore, suppressing the baser instincts and feeling. All satsangies (people who attend satsangs) seem to like each other and ever willing to help each other.

What we want in life is happiness. Happiness in the enjoyment of objects is momentary and short-lived. For durable peace and happiness, we have to go in search of the Subject (Atman) and  try to understand it. This is "Atma Vicharam". The Satsang Hall is the proper place for undertaking such exercises.

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