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A mountain bike Club in France
The goal of this site is to present you the Mountain Bike Club of Gif sur Yvette and to give you useful information for those who enjoy mountain biking in the Paris area and other regionsÉ..

In particular you can find:

  • the Mountain Bike Club Gif/Yvette (page OCGIF VTT)
  • useful information about the area (page INFOS)
  • information about races and tours in the Paris area and other important mountain bike events (page Competitions)
  • activities of the Club and general information (page Divers)
  • links to other Mountain Bike sites (page Links)
The Competition page is yours, if you like to ad your event (race, tours, rally's etc.) send me a message at

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Presentation of the Club:
The Mountainbike Club in Gif/Yvette is part of the Olympic Club Giffois directed by Mr. Bounat. The club has been started in 1987 on initiative of Mr. Deroche and Herve Lorre, the first president of the club.
Since then the club has continuously grown and developed to a club with at the moment about 80 members who practice mountainbiking in all itŐs forms. Races, tours and also trial and downhill.

This year the club exists of:

for the activities:

Each Saturday afternoon at 14.00 to 17.00 the club organizes a meeting in front of the Bike shop Espace Bellouis. The address is mentioned on the page Infos.
This place is the start of activities with two groups:

The levels of the adult groups vary from beginners levels (parcours of about 20 km) to the training group for races (40-60km depending on the terrain and parcours). Each group is accompanied by someone who has first aid equipment and knows the area by heart.

The mountainbike school is one group with a limited number of children aged from 9 to 13 years. The goals are to make the children aware of the environment and at the same time enjoy a sportive activity. This has proven to be a very successful formula which means that unfortunately each year we are forced to refuse children because there are not enough mentors.

For more information about the club and itŐs activities try the Infos page or use your fingers for a moment and send me an e-mail.

The President.

Good riding and see you soon on the tracks !!

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