I have searched for Tribulation sites that argue for each theory. It is up to you to pray and research and let God guide you to what is the truth.
Personally, I believe in the Pre-tribulation rapture as the bible says that we will not suffer God's wrath at that time. I don’t know how people can believe that the rapture has already happened. If it did happen in 70 AD, then where was the 1000 year reign of Jesus? And now where is Heaven? Wasn’t there supposed to be a Heaven? If this is all there is after the tribulation and Jesus millennial reign, then what’s the use? Where’s the hope? My hope is in Heaven and the fact that I will see my Lord and God one day.
There are many links on this page, so please give it time to load fully.

People with different understandings of the timing of the Rapture may still be orthodox. This issue should not be a test of fellowship between believers. You will find points of agreement and disagreement on these sites, but they are helpful to earnest students of prophecy. Remember to test everything against the whole counsel of the Word of God.
I will expand this section to include a number of sites which disagree with my Pre-Tribulation Rapture position. I will not knowingly include sites which accuse Pre-Tribulation teachers of being deceptive.

Miscellaneous Web Pages Concerning the End Times and the Tribulation

Rapture Research Website

Salvation After Rapture?
SALVATION AFTER RAPTURE is a 75 page Biblically documented GUIDE for our loved ones who will be LEFT BEHIND. The book is FREE.

Tribulation News Network
End Time Paranoia

The Role of the Church and the Coming Tribulation

The Promise of the Rapture

The Rapture: Fact or Fiction?

Will Children Go At The Rapture?
The age of accountability of a child is known only to God, and varies with the child. Should a baby die now, it is part of the body of Christ, just as it is while living.
Can I be saved after the Rapture?
Those who were lost and left behind at the Rapture can still be saved the first 3 and 1/2 years into the Tribulation.
Will Backslidden Christians Go At The Rapture?
Several passages answer our question. Space prohibits giving them all; but, here are a few.

The Two Witnesses in the Tribulation
They have power to kill people who try to harm them and they have power to stop rain, and cause plagues. At the end of their 1260 day testimony they are killed by the Antichrist, to the delight of the world, and their bodies lay in Jerusalem for 3 and a half days before they regain life and ascend to heaven....

Revival Theology Resources

The Great Tribulation
Jesus told us that just before the actual Second Coming, there will be a period of history in which there will be "great tribulation". He told us, in essence, that it will be the worst thing that will ever happen to the human race. His Words imply that the events of this period will threaten the extinction of mankind.

Ultimate Links
to Armageddon, Apocalypse, Millennium, Rapture, Doomsday, Tribulation and Revelation are related in some way. Check out what God is going to do!

Bible Prophecy: The Ultimate Deception
There are many end-time prophecies in the Bible we can understand now for the very first time.... extraordinary prophecies that detail an incredible array of apocalyptic events!

David M. Williams' Theological Essays
A theological and fully Scriptural basis for Christian doctrines pertaining to holiness, missions and eschatology

The Book of Revelations
Couching a vast flood of prophecies in a numerology of sevens, the Book of Revelation addresses the scattered Christian Churches which had begun springing up across the world in the first century A.D.

Last Things (Eschatology)

Jesus’ Second Coming
Scriptures related to the second coming of Christ.
What the Bible Says About the Return of Christ

Prophecy and Millennial Madness
Some things promoted as end-times prophesies today strike me as nothing more than Christian conspiracy theories, says Greg. While not condemning eschatology per se, Greg pleads for Christians to be more careful about what they believe, and warns about being taken in by sensational claims that have little basis in truth.
The Rap on the Rapture
What is the apocalyptic event described in First Thessalonians 4 and First Corinthians 15? Perhaps not exactly what you think it is.

Rapture Ready

What Time It Is
Various articles about the timing of the Rapture and other aspects of the future.

Prophecy Truths

Apocalypse Soon

The Preterist Archive
Containing materials for study of the Preterist view.

Preterism and the Confused Sea of Modern Eschatology

Progressive Dispensationalism

Church Prepare for Tribulation

Every Eye Shall See Himm
Pre-Wrath / Post-Trib site

The Rapture and the Second Coming

The Great White Throne Judgement

The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord

Jesus and His Church During the Tribulation

What Shall We Believe?
Full text online of a book by Aurelia T. Fule, in which she examines popular interpretations of the end times. Argues that dispensationalism is contrary to the Reformed tradition.

End Time in First Century

Find Your Path
Book of Revelation

Fire From Heaven

The Word “Rapture” Is Biblical

A Sermon on the Rapture

Articles on Revelation, Eschatology and Prophecy

The Tribulation Institute

The Visible Second Coming

The Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ

The Great Tribulation

Notes on Revelation and Online Books

Escape from Armageddon – Online Novel

Countdown to Armageddon
Endtime News Digest

Pre-Tribulation / Pre-Wrath Sites

MY VISION: This website is for bringing great expectation and hope to the believer, and to bring the lost to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.TITUS 2:11-14.

Pre-Wrath Rapture Bible Prophecy

Pre-Wrath or Pretribulation?

According To Prophecy
The Pre-Trib Rapture Doctrine While Standing On One Foot

Prophecy Outlines
The Rapture - What Is It?

God on the Net
What is The Rapture?
The Second Coming of Christ will occur in stages.

Why You Will Never Be In The Tribulation
Free Downloadable Books.

What Saith The Scripture
This site is dedicated to the End Time Christian, to give you understanding of the times, so that you might know what to do.

What Saith The Scripture
One thing on this site is A Timeline of the Tribulation Week
Visually depicts the sequence of Tribulation Week events.
There is so much on this site that it would take me a very long time to get through it. Enjoy
What Saith The Scripture
Tribulation Topics

When Will Jesus Rapture The Church?
Ancient Prophecies Explained.

Another rebuttal to the Pre-Tribulation Rapture
We believe the rapture occurs before the Tribulation because scriptures overwhelmingly support a pre-tribulation rapture, as opposed to the a-millennial, post-millennial, and post-tribulation theories.

Commentary on Revelation and essays on the Great Tribulation, Israel, Dominion Theology, Preterism, Revelation and Postmillennialism. From a conservative point of view.

Awaiting the Pentecostal Rapture in 1999, 2000 or whenever...
The Rapture, the sudden disappearance of people (in accordance with Biblical prophecy), is expected (by Marilyn Agee) to occur in the near future. Can future events mentioned in the Bible be foretold? Some say it's just a waste of time, while others have attempted to find a future date. Discover the fascinating possibilities....

Bible Prophecy and The Rapture Report
There is lots of info here that totally supports the truthfullness of the pre-tribulation rapture. Other topics related to prophecy and the end of age are covered. Also covered is cults, ism's, and deceptions within the church.

Bible Prophecy
Jesus is Coming Soon!!!
There are other theories about when the rapture of the church will happen besides the scripturally based Pre-Tribulation view. The most common of these are the pre-wrath and post-tribulation theories. Neither of these theories, nor any of the others-- besides the Pre-Tribulation view, are supported by scripture when you take ALL of scripture into consideration.

Caught Up In The Rapture
You've entered a world of peace, temptation, creativity, and obsession. You've entered a place that your senses will never forget.

The Rapture
When the Last Trump sounds the last Feast will begin!

What's Next Ministries
Our family preaches and sings the True Gospel, preparing souls for the Rapture/Heaven, and snatching souls as brands from the burning. We believe in the Pre-tribulation Rapture, being Bible-Based and Christ Centered.

According To Prophecy
These articles are available for your edification, and research. The Pre-Trib Perspectives Journal is a publication of the Pre-Trib Research Center. These articles are made available courtesy of Evangelist Donald Perkins and According To Prophecy Ministries.

Exit: The Rapture and End Times
The Rapture is a promise of hope and comfort to the Church, that someday very soon, at the blowing of a trumpet and the shout of an archangel, Jesus will appear in the sky and take His Church, both living and dead, to Heaven. It was an event the first century Christians were looking for; some had thought they had missed what Paul calls the day of Christ (2 Thess. 2:3).

This site and channel is dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ, and all Christians who look forward to His soon return.

The Imminent Pre-Trib Coming Of Christ
This sermon was preached at the 34th Annual Missions Conference of Tabernacle Baptist Church, Lubbock, Texas, March 13-15, 1995. The theme of the Conference was "The Premillennial Second Coming Of Jesus Christ.

The Second Coming
Give the Abrahamic covenant its proper place in your view of Jesus' second coming and there is no way that your Biblical rapture theology can place the Church anywhere in the tribulation, Daniel's seventh week nor the first seven years of the twelfth day of the Lord.

Pre-millennial Eschatology
The pre-millennial, pre-tribulational eschatological system is a theological framework widely held in modern times.
It is the eschatological system which most literally follows scripture under consistent and proper hermeneutics (Walvoord, 1978, p. 270), and most closely represents the eschatological hope of the early Church. It further distinguishes clearly between Israel and the Church and their respective programs (Walvoord, 1978, p. 270).

Chronological Events Of The Tribulation Period
Learn What Will Happen During The Tribulation Period From Beginning To End In Chronological Order With Scenarios
Surviving The Tribulation Period
I have always questioned if there are specific procedures that one could follow that would enable them to survive the tribulation period. I truly believe that it will be by the grace of God that anyone survives. Let me put this time period in perspective.
Other Prophecy Articles

Pre-Trib Perspectives Article Directory
Pre-Trib Perspectives Articles
Opponents of pretribulationism have often tried to "poison the well" by contending that a pre-trib understanding of the Bible is novel and/or has sprung from a polluted source. However, the last few years have witnessed the discovery of voices from the past testifying to a two-stage return of Christ.

Pre-Trib Rapture Articles
I find it very interesting that those "prophets" we have critiqued on this site, who are proposing Post-Trib, Pre-Wrath, and Partial Rapture, are usually also those who are teaching the Church must be purified and refined during the Trib before it will qualify for the Rapture. This exposes a serious misunderstanding of God's Grace where it concerns the Church, and his plan for Israel vs the Church, and also his purpose for the Tribulation which is to judge unbelievers and unrepentant Israel, not believers.
End Time Prophets
A web page devoted to analyzing the teachings of those who claim to be prophets of God. We will be comparing what these endtime prophets say with scripture like good Bereans, so you can make up your own mind if they are truly speaking from God's Word, or if they are false prophets teaching another Gospel.

Pre-Tribulation Rapture
Most Churches steer clear of any heavy-duty prophetic teaching. Or they don’t talk about prophecy at all. Many denominational seminaries focus on certain aspects of the life of Jesus and limited parts of the New Testament only.

Pre-Wrath Bible Prophecy
The following three chapters and site are an extensive study and outline of bible prophecy from the pre-wrath rapture standpoint.

Rapture Ready
The rapture is going to strike without warning. The rapture is going to happen suddenly. The rapture is going to be one of the most astonishing events to ever occur.
Rapture Index
The Rapture Index has two functions: one is to factor together a number of related end time components into a cohesive indicator, and the other is to standardize those components to eliminate the wide variance that currently exists with prophecy reporting.

What Secret Rapture?
Most Christian writings, when it comes the world's reaction regarding the rapture, paint a picture of total ignorance of what has happened.

Rapture of the Christian Church
The Rapture is described in several passages in the Bible and a major Rapture event is on the horizon. And in one instance, a famous Biblical character is transported from the desert to a major city instantaneously!

Pre-Wrath Rapture
Origin of the Pre-Wrath Rapture: Popularized with a book by Marvin Rosenthal in 1990. Initial idea by either Robert Van Kampen or Roy A. Reinhold in a book in 1984.

Scriptural Basis for the Pre-Tribulation Rapture
In demonstrating that Matthew 24:31 is not referring to the Rapture, we must first expose the false, pre-wrath rapturist view that there is but one sign (cosmic disturbance) announcing Christ's coming.

The Pre-tribulation Rapture
There seemed to be a need for a scriptural rebuttal of Marvin Rosenthal's book, The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church. This little booklet, we believe, will be sufficient to convince you that Marvin Rosenthal's book teaches heresy and that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming for his church before the antichrist is revealed and the tribulation period begins.

The Pre-Trib Rapture
The rapture is an event that will take place sometime in the near future. Jesus will come in the air, catch up the Church from the earth, and then return to heaven with the Church. In 1 Thes. 4:13-18 we are given a clear description of the rapture, "the dead in Christ will rise, then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord." The timing of the rapture is not known. From the word of God and from sound reasoning, something Jesus used quite frequently, I hope to prove the reality of the pretribulation rapture.

The Prophecy Center
Pre-tribulational Rapture Links

What is the Rapture?
The Second Coming of Christ will occur in stages. First, He will remove all Christians from the Earth, to protect them. This is called "The Rapture." The term comes from the Latin verb raptare, and the Greek word harpizo, both meaning "to be caught up" or "to be snatched up." Jesus will "snatch us" out of harm's way.

Bible Prophecy Links
Pre, Post, Mid and Other. I believe in the pre-tribulation rapture. I can also see some valid arguments concerning the Pre-wrath rapture. I don't necessarily agree with the other viewpoints of the rapture and the millennium, however other links are listed as we can learn from others views.

Why You Will Never Be In The Tribulation
This book destroys the Mid and Post Tribulation Rapture Theories.
You can get free books on this site.

Will Believers Go Through the Tribulation Period?
Why I believe the Bible teaches that the believer will not go through the tribulation period.

Bible Prophecy Study
The Pre-tribulation Rapture

The Saints Home Page
The Study of Bible Prophecy, Theology and the Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church.

Seven Year Tribulation
The following message was delivered at the 34th Annual Missions Conference at the Tabernacle Baptist Church, Lubbock, Texas on March 14, 1995. The theme of the Conference was "The Premillennial Second Coming of Jesus Christ." SonServer.com
End Times and Rapture Information Page for the Last Days

The Rapture - Pre, Mid, Post, or all of the above?
The Rapture is a signless event that could always have occurred imminently! The signs that we are given in the Bible are that of the Tribulation period which proceeds the Second Coming of Christ. So, with all of these signs even before us NOW - How much closer must the Rapture be!

The Rapture of The Church
By: Evangelist Donald Perkins
The Rapture of the Church is the next major glorious event to take place in God's prophetic plan. In this book, we will look at this doctrine in depth. Today, there are many views on the subject. Many in the Church have taken a "let's wait and see" attitude because they have been confused by so many teachings.

The Rapture Solution
What does Bible prophecy and the book of Revelation say about the rapture, tribulation, and the second coming of Christ?
The Rapture Solution
Why do people arrive at different conclusions? Is it because the Bible can mean different things? Is it because the Bible is beyond our grasp? Is it because only theologians can hope to figure it out? No, no, no.

The Rapture
There has been controversy for many generations concerning the timing of the final events in human history. The position held by the majority of categorical and fundamental Bible teachers is as follows: …

When Will The Rapture Be?
The Different Views of the Rapture in Relation to the So-called "Great Tribulation"

The Tribulation
Daniel, the great prophet during the Babylonian Captivity of the Jews, records a period of seven years at the endtime. This period of time will bring terrible calamity on the earth. He describes 70 weeks (or 490 years) that would relate to Jewish history. Daniel in his prophecy did not see the church age. Thus his prophecy concerns the state of the Jews in God's plan.

Apocalypse Soon


Jack Van Impe

Lamb and Lion Ministries

Prophecy Central

The End By God
Not just another end time book.

Prophecy Truths

Bible Fragrances

Bible Prophecy for the World Today

Pre-Wrath Rapture

Omega Time

Tribulation Forces Network

Bible Teaching Online
Tom Elseroad uses charts and visuals to teach biblical truths (supports pretrib).

A Bible prophecy teacher, and watching the signs of the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Rapture of the Church

Proof for a Pre-Tribulation Rapture

Annie’s End Time Page

Rapture Apologetics

The PreTribulation Rapture and Pre-Tribulational Thought during these Last Days

Rapture of the Christian Church

The Rapture of the Believers

The Sudden Departure of Believers

Gary Stearman, Rev. Morgan Edwards Taught a Pretribulation Rapture in the 1740s!

30 Proofs of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture

16 Proofs of a Pre-tribulation Rapture

Warning! Revelation is About to be Fulfilled!

Pre-Wrath Doctrine

Post-Tribulation Sites

Last Trump Ministries
We at Last Trump Ministries are convinced, after years of study, that the end of this world and the rapture of the saints (the Church) are at the same time. Christ will return for His bride. . . at the last trump.
The End Times Blood Bath
It is foretold that during the End-Times "two-thirds" of the five billion plus people on earth will die and Christ will return for the remaining Christians. . . at the end. Reading this online book will introduce you to the main players and prepare you for the reign of the Beast.

No Pre-Trib Rapture
You have more than likely inferred from the title of the article that I do not accept the pre-trib position.

FAQ 239 - The Rapture Question
Am I right in believing that the New Covenant believes in the rapture like the Pentecostals?
Rapture When?
Once we understand that there is no such thing as "the Church" but only the Assembly of Israel in either the Old or New Covenand dispensations it becomes easier to resolve the rapture problem.
New Covenant Christian Ministries
By God's written Word, no definitive support, (those who are pre-tribulation advocates), from the scriptures can be established that distinctly asserts that the rapture is to occur before the "Great Tribulation" (Rev 7:9-14).
The Olive Branch
Cells and Houses for the Pre-Tribulation and Tribulation Periods
The organisation of the New Covenant Church of God in the period just before the Great Tribulation and within it. The structure of the Church is flexible as this revelation shows, and may be changed by the Lord to meet the needs of the age [Cranleigh, Surrey, England].

Pre-Trib Rapture Questions Answered
What every pre-tribber ought to know
Open Letter to Pre-Tribbers
Pre-Tribulation Rapture - Is It True?
An on-line book. Any part of this book may be downloaded for non-commercial purposes only.

Seventy Trumpet Rapture
Problems the pre-tribulation rapture creates
It has been stated in some of the pre-tribulation writings that the pre-tribulation rapture has less contradictions than any other system. Listed here are a few of the problems created by the pre-trib rapture.

Rapture of the Church - Bible Study
The rapture is what many Christians believe to be that Jesus Christ is going to come for them before the great tribulation. Is the rapture from the word of God? Lets turn to I Thessalonians 4 the place where many get the idea for the rapture.

Rapture Pages
The RAPTURE of the church is that time when a trumpet will sound, and our Lord Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew) will descend from heaven with a shout, and we believers who are alive at the time will rise to meet our Lord in the air, our mortal bodies being changed into glorified immortal bodies. This is a literal future event. No "virtual" reality needed here.

RAPTURE: Post-Tribulation and Pre-Wrath
Purpose: provide Scripture analyses concerning various ideas about the RAPTURE with an emphasis on Post-Tribulation and Pre-Wrath.

Sound The Alarm Ministry
We believe that when there is a difference of opinion like the timing of the Rapture or any other subject in God's word, we should let God's word be the final judge, not man's theory of God's word.
The Pre-tribulation Rapture Theory is there a dangerous deception being taught today?

The Church in Great Tribulation?
I propose the teaching that is commonly called Partial Preterism, teaching that the Great Tribulation is a thing of the past and will not come in our future. However, the idea of a rapture after tribulation -- "Post Tribulation Rapture" -- fits quite nicely with this interpretation, since the rapture must occur after tribulation if the tribulation has already occurred long ago! Of course the Post-Tribulation people err in their thinking that there will be a future period of Great Tribulation.

The Prophetic Word Ministries Int'l
Warning!! I am post tribulational concerning the rapture of the church!!

The Post-Tribulation Rapture
I would like to state that in this discussion I am taking a plain, literal approach to interpretation, which is more literal at times than many pre-tribulationists. I want to look primarily at what the Bible actually has to say about this topic. However, I will use accepted terminology such as the non-biblical words "rapture" and "Millennium," only because these are the words most people relate to.

The Pre-Tribulation Rapture
The Lord showed me clearly in prayer on 2/26/99 that His return is post tribulational. While I was praying and praising the Lord, he told me to read Peter's sermon on Pentecost. As I was reading it He showed me the parameters of the last days, Pentecost until His return!

The Fallacy of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture
The Scriptural Expose' of a False Doctrine.

The Last Trumpet
Are you anxious for Jesus to return? Jesus said, before He returns, "The Gospel must first be published among all nations" [Mark 13:10].

The Not So Secret Rapture
What exactly is the secret rapture teaching? It is the teaching that the Christian Church will be secretly removed from the world, and that the unbelievers who are left behind will not be certain where vast multitudes have gone. These unbelievers will be left on the earth to endure seven years of tribulation, which will be initiated by the Antichrist, who will be revealed only after the rapture has taken place.

Letters of Faith
The Rapture & Tribulation

Berean Prophecy Review

The Post-tribulation Rapture

Restoring the Vision

Daniel’s Homepage

PostTrib Network

A post-tribulational argument and appeal for Christians to be ready to endure the great tribulation

The Great Escape?

When is the Rapture?

The Post-Tribulation Rapture

Mid-Tribulation Sites

Endtime Prophecy Timeline
End Time Bible Prophecy
We are rapidly approaching the end of time as we know it. Events are approaching that will take this modern secular world completely by surprise. This website contains a review of end time bible prophecies from a pre-tribulation viewpoint.

Why I Believe in a Mid-Tribulation/Pre-wrath Rapture - Deborah
Most denominations of the Christian Church hold to the tradition of a pre-tribulation rapture. I did too, until I recently found some verses that indicated otherwise. Traditions can be good, but when they go against Scripture, we should believe the Bible.

The Final Deception
The Final Deception was written in January 1997. It was first posted on the web in May 1998. The Final Deception was re-edited by Stephen Hudson in October 1998.

After We're Gone
Assuming the Bible is true, and the Rapture of the Church will one day occur... do the people that are left behind get a second chance, or is that it - are we all doomed to hell for not accepting Christ, once it happens?

Other/Combination/New Age Or I’m Just Not Sure What They Are

Antipas Ministries -- Endtimes Network
For those of you who have never read the ANTIPAS PAPERS except in html format on this website, you will be receiving a good deal of additional material that you have never seen before - material that was previously unavailable - all that in addition to the NEW material we will be including. What reading the ANTIPAS PAPERS will do for you is put the many articles you have been reading on our websites into a SCRIPTURAL perspective. It will give you a BIBLICAL perspective (world view or Weltanschauung) around which all of our material can be organized.

There are three basic eschatological views which are held by those calling themselves "Reformed." These are: postmillennialism, amillennialism, and historic premillennialism. Absent from the list is dispensational premillennialism because....

Anti-Rapture Page

Armageddon Books
World's Largest Bible Prophecy Bookstore
Alternative Views

Red Moon Rising
There are a variety of topics on this page.
Researching the New World Order, the New Age movement, the UFO phenomenon, and the predicted occurrence of a global Polar Shift.

Are You Pre, Mid, or Post?
If you don't know how to answer that question, you're probably a Catholic. Most Fundamentalists and Evangelicals would know immediately what these words are shorthand for: pretribulation, midtribulation, posttribulation they all refer to when the rapture is supposed to occur. But to understand what that means, you need a little background.

Defending a Pre Trib, Pre Mil, Futurist Perspective
Also on This Page: Links to Refutations of Preterism, Pre-Wrath, Amillennialism & Post Trib, Midrash Scripture Interpretation, Refuting "Covenant Theology"/Symbolic Interpretation/Progressive Dispensationalism

The Truth Keepers
False Doctrines
False doctrines are inundating the professing Church in a unprecedented volume. Jesus warned that this would be a sign of the 'Last Days'.

Haven Free Will Baptist Church
Study of the Book of Revelation: Introduction by Pastor Jim Summerson

Is the Pre-Trib Rapture a Satanic Deception?
One of the things that facilitated the Nazi rise to power in Germany earlier this century was their propaganda approach called "The Big Lie." If you told a big enough lie often enough then the people would come to believe it. This the Nazis did well. This is what anti-pretribulationists like John Bray and Dave MacPherson4 have done over the last 25 years

Watcher Website Conspiracy & Prophecy Index
Jerusalem Temple Mount Israel Tribulation Prophecy Antichrist & Temple Jerusalem Prophecy
A Study of Israel's Feast Days in Relation to Prophecy
Tribulation Date Setting - When will the End Times Begin?
Tribulation, Rapture & Millennium - Daniel's 70th Week
By examining the prophecy given to Daniel concerning the Tribulation, Daniel's 70th Week, & the "Coming of Antichrist" , an accurate timeline showing the seasons to expect prophetic fulfilment can be derived. The time frame of Daniel's 70th Week is consistent with God's fulfilment of prophecy within the feast days of Israel.
Rapture on Pentecost?
This theory posits two raptures, rather than examining the possibility that prophecy points to ONE RAPTURE in two phases -- the resurrection of the dead occurs first, then at some later time the remaining faithful are "changed" and meet those resurrected ALREADY IN THE AIR.

The Prophetic Significance of Tabernacles
Traditional Jewish expectations point to the arrival of Elijah (and his fellow witness of Rev. 11) on the feast of Passover. Since we are told that the two prophets of Rev. 11 witness for 1260 days, and that the Beast has power over the saints for 1260 days, we should assume these are the first 1260 days of the seven year tribulation.
No Pre Tribulation Rapture
In order that they hang on to their "pre-trib" rapture hope, some Christian authors posit a second rapture during the tribulation which will account for those saints described in Revelation 20:4-6. A "pre-trib" rapture would have already removed the faithful prior to antichrist's persecution, so according to this theory these tribulation martyrs must be those newly converted, having missed the "pre-trib" rapture.

Rapture '98
Just for Fun

Rapture Action
Online Book
This is where you can dispel those confusions that have been troubling you. In simple language to better help you understand. You will see what Armageddon includes...biblically.

RAPTURE: Post-Tribulation and Pre-Wrath
This book includes several unique features. It reveals that two seven-year prophecies (Daniel 9:25-27) overlap and have partially concurrent time periods, instead of the "usual" seven-year Tribulation period.

The Rapture
The purpose of this dissertation is not to promote any theory concerning the phrase The Blessed Hope but to look at the purpose behind the relevant scriptures.

The Anti-Rapture Page
Expecting a "rapture"? You're 2000+ years late. Are we living in the "end times" or the "last days"?

New Jerusalem's 30th Anniversary
God is building Jerusalem in this earth. God is adding to the church daily those who are being saved. God is building His church through the man sent by God. Those who are built here as the church will be built in heaven also. Those who did evil to this church and were traitors and were therefore loosed from the church will be loosed in heaven also (they cannot inherit heaven).

The Rapture
Here are the three positions of the rapture that have any Scriptural qualifications in my opinion. Any other position is just impossible to support without open violation of sound doctrinal interpretations. And of course a-millenialism is a no-brainer! Sorry Augustine!!

Bible prophecy has been known to be 100% accurate although some interpretations do vary. The majority of bible scholars however, do agree in a literal interpretation. It predicts a series of events that many believe will occur very soon.

The Rapture - Hoax or Hope
The rapture concept is essentially ignored by most other faith groups. It is dismissed by essentially all liberal theologians. Many Bible handbooks, commentaries, dictionaries and encyclopaedia do not list "rapture" in their indices.

The Second Coming of Christ
The coming Great Tribulation and the events surrounding the second coming of CHRIST. An in-depth chronological look at what the Bible foretells for our future.

Reformed Christian Eschatology
God did not incorporate eschatology into the Holy canon to be ignored, or cast aside as insignificant in our relationship with Him. False eschatology is not an excuse to shun eschatology. For true Christianity is the hope of communion with God, an eschatology essential to sound Christian doctrine.
The Timing of The Rapture
In many Christian circles there is a popular theological view which states that the Church must somehow be taken out of the world before the Great Tribulation period. Sadly this doctrine has become one of the most predominant views in the Church. This form of theology is the product of spurious dogma that over the years has been taught relentlessly.

The Watcher
We have all heard of the 4 Horse men of the Appocalypse and the 7 Seals, but do you know what they mean to you and the future of the World. To find out the answers....

Unmasking Pre-Trib Fallacies
A new online book exposing the fallacious reasoning which has caused multitudes to mistakenly assume there is a Biblical basis for the pre-Trib rapture.

The Dangers of Eschatological Gospel
General eschatology and soteriology are two different aspects of theology and they should not be confused when we are preaching the gospel to unbelievers.

The Origins of the Secret Rapture Hoax

Revelation 13
Predictions of Bible Prophecy, New Age ideas and Astrology. (denying the rapture).

Introducing the Red Moon Rapture