Killing Rock

Not far from the side of road on the old "Fincastle Trail" and 

near a shortcut by-path are two rocks with an opening between 

them formed by nature.  This rock formation iss located just off

 the old  road that used to be the main road between Jenkins, 

K& and the Pound, VA until Old Route 23 was built in l929.

Near mid-morning on May l4, l892 a volley of gun fire rang out 

from the area of this cluster of rocks  killing Ira Mullins, 

his wife, son-in-law and two hired hands.  This ambush and murder

became known as the "Pound Massacre" or Pound Gap Massacre" and 

the cluster of rocks became known and famous as the "Killing 

Rock."  The killers were identified as Doc Taylor, and Cal & 

Henan Fleming.  Doc Taylor was arrested, tried and hung for his 

role in the ambush.  Cal Fleming was shot and killed in Boggs, 

WV.  Henan Fleming was brought back to VA for trial and was 

acquitted for lack of evidence.  Although suspected of being 

involved in this crime, Henry Adams was not tried, also because 

of lack of evidence.

The "Killing Rock" can be reached by following the newly 

developed "Red Fox Trail" which starts on Old Route 23 between 

the Pound and the top of the Gap.  "Killing Rock " is about 

l l/2 miles up the trail along Rocky Branch.

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