Murdered Cemetery


On the old Mayo Trail Highway near the Camden Section of Jenkins

in Letcher County, KY is an old cemetery that reportedly contains

the graves of l9 to 25 persons who were murdered in the old days

of feuds along Elkhorn Creek and the Virginia line.  This 

cemetery was owned by the Potters who had people buried there and

called the Potter Cemetery.  Today it is commonly referred to as

the "Murdered Cemetery" or "Murdered Man's Cemetery" because a 

lot of people murdered were buried in this cemetery.

Ira Mullins and his wife Louranza Estep Mullins, their son-in-law 

Wilson Mullins, hired hands Greenberry Harris & John Chappel, who 

were victims of the "Pound Gap Massacre" that occurred May l4, 

l892 are buried about the center of this cemetery.  Also the 

young Craft brothers, John Henry Craft and David L. Craft who 

were murdered Dec 9, l899 in the Wheaton Hollow section of 

Jenkins. These young boys were the sons of Ira Mullins' sister.

The cemetery is located up Forest Hills Hollow (Church Hill 

Hollow) east of Jenkins at Camden.

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