Snowmobiling Trip to South Dakota



On December 26, 2003 I flew out to Rapid City, South Dakota to go snowmobiling with Bob, Kory, Eric, Howard, Larry and Fred.


First, hereís the view from the airport:

You certainly a great sense of things being wide open out there.



We drove up to Deadwood, a glittery gambling town that easily had more slot machines than tourists, and were ready for snowmobiling action the next day.Except that I had some mechanical difficulties right off the bat, a broken drive belt.




Hereís a nice group shot.


Iíd like to say this one was ďRoute 11aĒ but itís just an example of the maps that are displayed at trail junctions.


We stopped at this place for food and drinks each day.Great location.


Posed shot.Can you tell itís me?




After two days of snowmobiling, some of the group went off to help Eric move to Colorado and the rest of us checked out Devilís Tower.

Thatís Howard, Fred, Bob and me (l-r).


After Devilís Tower we went on to Mt. Rushmore, which really impressed me.


Fred and Howard taking pictures of us by the side of the road


Great view?No, itís the soda machine.


The real view:


The nature trail was closed due to Level Orange.


At the airport, Level Orange prompted the use of police dogs (note the badge).


Finally, hereís a map of the locations we visited: