Christmas Ornament Swap

Two ideas I had to use these blocks.

Using the four inch blocks, this quilt will be 47 inches by 39 inches with a 1.5 inch border. I can see a fancy border but I also like the plain border. You can add decorated packages to the base of the tree also. Substitute the top log cabin block with a star block (we'll call this a star for here!) and carry that star out into the border.

You will need 19 ornament swap blocks, 16 four inch all green traditional log cabin blocks, 12 four inch half green and half white log cabin blocks and two brown log cabin blocks for the trunk.

Fill in the background with either plain white blocks or the color of your choice. If using a different color of background, use that color also in the outside log cabin blocks in place of the white. If you are very ambitious, you could use a selection of all white fabrics in the background log cabin blocks or perhaps one fabric with a tiny green holly design on it. Be Creative and be yourself! But be sure to send me a pic when you are done...

Another idea... If you aren't doing the swap and still would like to make the quilts here, substitute the 4 inch "Stick Something In The Middle" block for the signature ornament blocks using motifs from your holiday fabrics for the centers...

This is a Wreath done with the same blocks. The size will be 39" X 39" with a 1.5 inch border. You can use all the background options mentioned above. You will only need 16 ornament swap blocks, 32 all green blocks, 16 half green and half white blocks and 13 all white blocks.

If you don't do the swap, how about making the quilt on your own and having family members sign the blocks after Christmas dinner? Wouldn't that be a great gift to pass on to the next generations?

Linda DePerro from VA has come up with an easier version ornament tree using half-square triangles instead of the log cabin blocks.

Make the half-square triangles for the tree edges the same size as the finished ornament blocks and use whole fabric blocks between the ornaments for the solid part of the tree.

Find Linda's version of the ornament tree and another free ornament pattern here.

I'm sure you will have many more creative holiday ideas.

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