...............Little Heart Quilt... Just for you!

21 1/2"  X  17 1/2"
1 1/4" first border ... 1 1/2" outer border
Four inch off center log cabin blocks

The size of this little quilt will be 16 inches wide and 12 inches tall without borders.  (see border additions at left) 
You could add plain fabric strips at the bottom and top to "square it up" then add a border and it could be square. 

If you want a larger quilt, just enlarge the off-center log cabin block using your favorite method.  Or you can just add larger or multiple borders.

This heart shaped quilt is made from the: 

off-center log cabin block

.....that you can find on this site. You will need 12 blocks colored as in the diagrams below.  Sew them together with all of your prettiest print fabrics.  You can make it scrappy or use the same fabrics though out.

If you put a 2 inch border on the top and bottom of the heart (not on the sides) you can bring the quilt up to square. 

Maybe add an "I love you" in the strips you added to enlarge it.

2 blocks with dark on the thinner strips and light on the wider strips.  These are the two on the bottom of the quilt that make the point.

These make the bottom point of the heart.

6 blocks with dark on the wider strips and light on the thinner strips.
2 blocks with all dark prints on all strips. These are in the center row of the quilt.
2 blocks with all light strips on all strips.  These are on the bottom of the quilt in each corner.
Piece together as shown.  You will need to flip and flop the blocks to the correct position.

Add borders as desired!  It is a lovely little quilt and will be a joy for whoever gets it or shows it on their own wall. 

If you are using all the same fabric for the light area, you can just make the plain blocks a 4" (4 1/2" unfinished) plain block.  If using mixed lights for the strips, then you would want to make mixed light blocks for the all light strip squares too. 

My sample has two plain borders, adjust as you wish.  Pieced borders might be an idea too. 

29 1/2" X 29 1/2" using four inch log blocks, 
and one 1 1/4" border and one 1 1/2" border.

You can also use the same pattern to make a wreath.  Think about the center using a large floral in a Spring print and a smaller print background. 

This uses all blocks with dark strips on the large logs for the wreath. The center four blocks are one fabric, and so are the outer four corners. 

6 x 6 blocks 

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