One day on my way to work I looked up in the sky and there above me, graceful and silent, was a beautiful hot air balloon. I watched it flow across the misty morning sky wondering if the people in there where looking down at me. Then all of a sudden, only one thought came to my mind...I have to make a foundation pattern of a balloon! So here is my best effort for you to enjoy.

There has also been a lot of discussion on the quilting listserves about how to design foundation patterns. As I designed this balloon I saved each step and put it into a little design inspiration lesson. I hope you enjoy it also. I want to expand on this page and show some other ideas on designing foundations so stop back later (maybe much later!) and see what is new. In the meantime, if you haven't vistited the Sally's Wyoming Star page, there is an idea there of how to work a traditional quilt block into foundation piecing by breaking the pattern apart into smaller sections. This concept would work for many other traditional patterns.

3 inch Hot Air Balloon with stripes

3 inch Hot Air Balloon *without* stripes

1 1/2" inch Hot Air Balloons with and without stripes

6 inch version of design them!

Inspirational lesson on how to design foundation patterns.

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