Making a light box from things around the house...

You can go out and buy a light box for a lot of money, but I have learned to make things for myself for next to nothing. First, you have to see what you can find in your house to use.

You will need some type of small lamp. You can look for one around your house, or shop for a small florescent light in K-mart or Wal-Mart, they are really inexpensive.  Those new "tap lights" that run on batteries are good.

1: Get a cardboard box about 10 inches deep, or one of those plastic crates for storing stuff.  Put a small lamp in there without the shade. I had a small florescent light for under the counter that I used, but any small lamp will do. Cut a hole in the side of the box for the cord to go through. If you use a battery light you don't need the hole. Then find an old piece of glass or pexiglass from a picture big enough to place over the top of the box, and there you have instant (free) light box.

2: If you have a table with a leaf extension, open that, place a lamp under the opening on the floor, find a piece of glass or pexiglass from a picture big enough to place over the opening and it is another free lightbox.

3: Get a clear plastic storage bin with a flat bottom, take off the lid, turn it over and put a small florescent lamp under it and you have a light box!

4: If you purchased one of those pexiglass sewing machine tables all you need to get is a small florescent light and put it under the sewing table and you have an instant light box.

4: Next time you are shopping for a coffee table, buy a glass top one and you have a light box when you put a lamp under it!

5: Use a *solar* light box...tape your pattern to a window and trace! Or tape it to your computer monitor. teeheehee...

WARNING! Do not leave any lamp on in a cardboard or plastic bin for a long time unattended. It can get hot. 

Please...if you have any additions, disagreements, or corrections please e-mail me and let me know...

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