6 inch "Ship in a Bottle Jar"
To print just the patterns, right click on just the pattern, select "view graphic" from the drop down menu and you will get just the pattern on another page to print.  (Windows/Netscape)

Be sure to get the **lid** for the bottle below!
To make the "ship" in the bottle you can do several things.  You can piece a ship and fit it into the "bottle area".  If you don't want to do that, you can find a fabric with a ship on it and use that, or another option would be to use photo transfer paper and make a copy of an elegant ship and put that in the bottle. You can make the ship  area "wider" buy cutting the bottle and base pattern in half vertically in the center, spread out the pattern to the size you need and tape to paper, then just "join the lines". It works great!  The lid will still be the same size.

Pattern for a sailboat for the "bottle" in pattern above.

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