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Special Pattern Preparation.

To make this sunshine foundation pattern, you have to cut the pattern apart on the lines indicated and you have to cut out the center circle of the pattern. 

Very Important!

Begin sewing at #1 as usual, however, it is very important to leave 1/4 inch of fabric beyond the edge where you cut the paper between #1 and #16. This will be your seam allowance to sew the pattern back together.

Sew the Seam Closed

Next, fold the pattern right sides together and align the edges of the paper where you cut the pattern apart. I put in two pins, but leave the pins hang loose. In other words, don't re-stick them up through the top of the work. Stitch the seam from the outside to the edge of the inner circle. To be safe, you might want to use a large basting stitch first, then re-sew if it looks good. I used a red line to indicate the seam stitching.

Center Circle and the "A" word!

Next you have to prepare the center circle appliqué. Glue the center circle pattern to poster board or freezer paper. Cut it out. 

Cut a piece of fabric 1/4 inch larger than the template. (If you use freezer paper you can iron the template right to the fabric). I use the sewing machine to run a medium gathering stitch around the seam allowance of the appliqué. You could do it by hand.

Pull both ends of the gathering thread so the fabric pulls over the template. Make sure the gathers are nice and even. (A smaller stitch helps in this). Squirt it with some spray starch and give it a good press. Loosen threads a little and then remove the template. Tighten the threads and knot. Or, appliqué it with the template in and pull it out the back when you are done.
Appliqué the center circle onto the points. You can push/pull the circle a little to make sure it all comes together at the V in the points. 

I think the circle in the center makes it look more like a sun than a star that we sometimes use for a sun.

Have fun! The background "sky" fabric is some I made myself...

A little tip... If you let a good amount of fabric hang over the outside edges while sewing, you could trim this larger... to about 5 -6 inches and the star would "float" instead of the points being right at the seam... might help to place it in an odd sized place too. I had fun designing this pattern. I was going to put it up on several pages that you would have to "click to" but I figured it would take just as long to do that than to wait for it to load so thanks for bearing with it.... let me know if you like the pattern and instructions.

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