Tessellated Leaf

I was in a birthday block swap and the birthday gals theme was "leaves". Well, I didn't just want another maple leaf or appliquéd leaf so I made this one. The light and dark make it stand out but I think the addition of the the two different color borders make it look like day and night. To get the block to the required 12" after making the smaller blocks, I just added the borders oversized and then trimmed to size. This "no fail" method of sizing works all the time.
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Individual blocks are 1.5 inches and there are 6 to a sheet. Cut apart at red lines.

Make half the leaves light with a dark background and half the leaves dark with a light background.

To print just the image of the foundations, right click on the image and in the drop down menu, click on 'view image" then print from that new window.