Pearl River Band of the Southern Cherokee Nation

We are still a soveriegn Nation, comprised of thousands of Cherokee citizens and bands spread out all across Turtle Island(North America).

Welcome to the Pearl River Band of the Southern Cherokee
Nation. We are citizens of the Southern Cherokee Nation. Our
band is located in the central part of the state of
Mississippi, and we join with our sister bands to claim our
rightful freedom, celebrate our independence, and maintain our

Many of our Cherokee " mixed-blood" ancestors migrated from
Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina and Tennessee to avoid
persecution. We are proud to live and keep the
traditions of our ancestors, and feel it is time to let the
people who have been separated from their ancestry reunite. We
claim our birthright and honor the ways of our ancestors.

Since its beginning in 1834, the Southern Cherokee Nation
has been a nation of "mixed-bloods;" therefore, it is
not required that you or your ancestor be "full-blood"
Cherokee. We do not recognize or follow the United States BIA
guidelines. The Southern Cherokee Nation is a sovereign
and independent nation, and only the SCN government is
qualified to set enrollment guidelines. We adhere to the 1827
Constitution of the Cherokee Nation regarding the
computation of "Indian Blood degree. "

If you are sincerely interested in reuniting with your
Cherokee ancestral family, I cordially invite you to send for
additional information and an application to:
SCN, Central Tribal Office, PO Box 600, Webbers Falls, Oklahoma, 74470
Pearl River Band, PO Box 1062, Monticello, Mississippi, 39654.

Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with
your request. If you are a direct descendant of a Cherokee, you
can enroll with the SCN no matter what your "degree" or
"percentage" of Cherokee blood. The Southern Cherokee has no
enrollment fees or dues as we are not a fraternity or
club. We do not have members; we have citizens.

If I can be of further assistance to you, please feel free
to contact me, or any of our citizens, for we vow to
never let anyone or any government take away our birthright.

O ta sa la nv lvi..."We are brothers and sister!"

Southern Cherokee Nation
Southern Cherokee University
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Tennessee River Band

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