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Welcome, gunners and redlegs, to UBIQUE!, the Artillery World Wide Links Page. The purpose of this site is to bring gunners of the world together on a common forum.

This site has been operating for about two years and to date has generated quite a bit of interest judging by the number of entries to the guestbook.

Why have a gunner links site? Because the artillery is the sole arm of combat which maintains the ability to quickly pass information up the chain of command through its own dedicated communications resources. This ability provides commanders at all levels accurate up to date information on the rapidly changing conditions of the battlefield. Therefore, it falls to the artillery to take the lead in the newest arena of information gathering, the World Wide Web.

The quality of design and content varies from one site to the next, and not all links work all the time. Several sites are officially sponsored works, however most are the creation of interested members of the artillery profession.

what do the icons mean?

The icons throughout this site are representations of NATO standard map symbols - easily identifiable by soldiers around the world. A short explanation is included for those who have not seen these symbols before.

The NATO standard map symbol for a Mechanized Artillery Headquarters - This symbol will take you to the information pages in this site

This map symbol for an artillery survey troop/section. Appropriately by clicking on it, you will be oriented towards UBIQUE's huge collection of world wide artillery links.

This map symbol represents an artillery maintenance section (gun plumbers). Click on this symbol to jump to technical information about howitzers contained in this site.

This map symbol represents the signals troop within an artillery regiment. Click on it to get to the Contacts page with guestbook, email addresses etc.

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ubique mailing list

The UBIQUE Mailing List is a mailing service designed to allow individuals with a common interest in the artillery to communicate with each other. Please use the list to discuss artillery topics including:

  • matters which affect the Corps of Artillery;
  • tactics, equipment and technical interests related to the artillery;
  • history and traditions of the Corps of Artillery;
  • locating gunners, past and serving with common interests;

**IMPORTANT** The membership of this mailing list will be international, so in the interests of making this list as accessible as possible, please be responsible and respect members opinions. Do not turn this list into a soapbox for your own personal politics or grievances.

...how to subscribe...

Send a message to:



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If you experience difficulty subscribing to this list, please contact an administrator at acenet.co.za

In your initial message you may wish to include some details about your connection to the artillery. This will introduce you to the other members of the list, and confirm that your subscription request was processed properly.

...how to send a message to members of the list...

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the creators

The following culprits provided the inspiration for this site:

This page is not the official work of any government or department, nor do the views and opinions expressed here represent those of any government or department.

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