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Montrose 54/725600 - 1 mile north of Montrose on A92

Montrose is the oldest Scottish Military Airfield dating back to 1912.

Initially the area fell within 13 Group Fighter command and defensive deployments to RAF Montrose took place at the outbreak of the war. Spitfires from 603 Squadron (city of Edinburgh) operated from Montrose from January to August 1940 before being sent to the Battle of Britain. During the Battle of Britain a number of units badly mauled during the fall of France were sent North to rest. At Montrose these included the Spitfires of B flight 603 Squadron, Hurricanes from 111 Squadron and Defiant's of 141 Squadron.

603 Squadron had fighter protection in the shape of Spitfires, If an approaching enemy aircraft was reported. A red varylight was fired and training aircraft cleared the area to allow Spitfires to take off and attack. Because of the proximity to the coast, attacks were normally unmolested due to the airfield being taken by surprise.

On 25th October 1940, 3 JU88s dropped 24 bombs on Montrose killing 5 men, injuring 18 and destroying two hangers. Also destroyed was the officers mess. One of the last recorded attacks took place on a snowy February in 1941 when a He111 made two runs across the airfield, the aircraft did to fire but ground defences opened fire without success.

A number of aircraft which crashed in the hills nearby, parts can still be seen. These parts are from Oxfords,Masters and a hurricane although not all are from Montrose. A favourite trick amongst training pilots on night flights was to Taxi to the far end of the airfield, and return after a suitable interval giving the impression that they had been flying.

Apparently the Airforce buried a lot of rubbish at the North End Of the site - Easier than carting it away to a tip!

What's left: - several Hangers which are now used by local industries, it is possible to drive round old Taxiways beside the Football pitches. Several building are dotted round the site.

There is a Museum located close to the Airfield, the address is listed below, It houses an excellent collection of exhibits covering the airfield and aviation history. Located outside are aircraft, a pillbox and other equipment. Well worth a visit.

Montrose Air Station Museum
Waldron Road
Montrose, Angus
DD10 9BB
01674 673107



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ø Looking at one of the Bellman 8349/37 hangers and the Air Museum.The Museum building is the old RFC Flight Office.
ø The Old Control Tower, the upper part was demolished as it was unsafe. This was a Type 12779/41
ø A taxiway leading to one of the Hangers
ø Looking across the airfield, Overgrown and the occasional building.
ø Looking along an old Taxiway
øStanding on the old railway bridge, looking at old buildings



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