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Barnyard Animal Pages Description of the pages
All Things Pig A site about pigs as pets and porcupine humor!
City Folks in the Country City folks transported to the country try to adjust to life with the animals. Find out how Sir Bartimous got knighted, why you should never put animals in a parade, and how Lunch ran away!
Cridder Creek Dairy Goats We have been raising registered Alpine Goats for eight years. Our farm is located here in Northern California near Redding. We enjoy showing our goats at club shows and you will find us at the Anderson fair in Shasta county. I started this home page to meet and converse with other breeders and it features many goat-related categories as well as links for Screen Savers, a Help guide for new homesteaders, post cards and a book store.
ME Llamas A great site on llamas! Included are frequently asked questions about llamas, pictures and more. Come on in and explore!
Pigrools Street Pigrools Street is the place where pigs rulez! Filled with a write-up on what are pigs. A compilation on most pig links. Including several pig poems, pigericks and nursery rhymes. An addition of a "Pig Looks" contest! Several animal background sets to offer. Inclusive of piggy activities too, such as a personality test, a quiz, and much more! Loaded with oink fun! So hog in for a piggish experience!