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Bird Pages Description of their pages.
ARTTU, Timneh African Grey Parrot Meet ARTTU, Timneh African Grey Parrot, from Finland. With pictures, information about grey parrots and budgies, useful links, awards, poems, jokes, mailinglist, webrings, and much more
BELLA'S BIRD PLACE My site is all about my 4 birds: 3 budgies and a Blue and Gold Macaw. Here you will find information about them, photos, and more.
Mikey's Perch My site is about family and my amazon parrot Mikey, who has several pages of his own.
Bird World This site is for bird lovers only! Tons of pictures and
information on all types of birds and parrots!
C & C Birds Rescue facility for exotic birds. Y'all come on down to Georgia, get some sunshine and see all our babies.
Lories My Page has my pets and children. I have 3 birds right now, all Lories which are bottle brush tongued parrots. It is a entertaining place with links to photos of my pets and others.....
M.A.C.A.W. We're friends you haven't met with a common interest...BIRDS!
Miriam's Baby Zebra Finches This is a page about zebra finches and what to do when
the babies are born, includes what they look like, how
long it takes to raise them, and what the parents do
to make sure that they are healthy.
Please help me find Mariah. Mariah is a 16 year old Yellow Nape Amazon. I have had her for 16 years, hand feeding her before she even had feathers. On October 1st 1999 at 3am we heard her scream .. my husband and I both went running but could not get to her in time. Please visit her site and read about her, you may have heard her, and even if not if you can help pass her link along then someone, somewhere, the one that is living beside her is sure to get her link. Please I need all the help I can get, her site has been hit more than 4100 times since October 2nd. Thank you
Dawn's Bird Paradise Hi Come by and meet my birds ... I have many different finches zebra, gouldian, owls, weavers society. Plus photos and information about them. It is a wonderful place to visit and my birds would love to meet you.
The Bird Cage Lots of pictures of my beautiful Eclectus Parrots and Alexandrine Parakeets.
Yo-Yo's Cage Hi!I'm a cockatiel named Yo-yo! If you want to play games, read about me, see my friends, apply for my award, learn about cockatiels, and more, visit my site! Squawk!!!