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Exotic Pages Description of the pages
Alex's Tree House Alex's Tree House contains several theme pages with music that fits the page. Since Alex is a squirrel there is lots of squirrel information to be found. Most of Alex's pages are funny because squirrels are quite comical but I will be adding SmartAlex, which will be poetry, squirrel books, etc. and Caring for an Orphan Squirrel in the coming weeks. This will include a special formula recipe for raising a healthy baby squirrel.
Mischief's Wonderful World Mischief really enjoys company and he loves to show off his site. His site contains his personal stories, photos and lots of links to info on Prairie Dogs. Please stop by for a visit.
PA Chinchillas Chinchilla information, health and care page, full mutation page, breeding page, and much more. Come in for a visit! I hope you enjoy!
Squirrels-R-Forever Squirrels-R-Forever is dedicated to my pet squirrels. There are lots of pictures and stories about them. Just added a page on caring for the orphan baby squirrel. Lots of good squirrel info here. There are pictures of the squirrels that I raised and released back to the wild. In the coming weeks I will be adding a page of pictures of my friends' squirrels. Also has lots of squirrely links.
(The) Turtle Shell Water turtle care, photo gallery, information, etc.