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Carol's Happy Appys My Appaloosa horses and friends, humor, cool java applets, and a Dancing Horse Page to Great Balls of Fire, a Margaritaville Sing-a-Long, Space Cowboy and other dancing pages. Come on in and kick up those heels!!!!
Cowboy's Place This is all about the life of one spoiled yearling named "Cowboy" follow his adventures.
Double L Ranch This is just a personal page. I own a Kentucky Derby horse (Celtic Warrior), 13 other equines, Long horn bull calf and other animals. I also have cowboy poems and cowboy recipes. I also will be posting a new area kind of like FAQ, where you can ask questions and find answers about horses or other type pets. Take a look and please offer feedback. All the help I can get is greatly appreciated.
Four Legs and a Tale A web page made by me, Stormy, a very talented horse. I had help of course, by my friends Hunter the cat, Sadie the dog, Barney and Bill the Percherons, and numerous chickens and ducks. Horse quotes, animal poems, lots of great pictures of everyone.
Grey Bear's Home Page Beautiful horses, pets, and pictures of Montana and Canada. Also, links to whale photos and sounds, animal adventures and space exploration.
Guri's Horse Page Hi! This is a page about me, my horse and the breed: Icelandic Horses.
Jenny & Gusto's Homepage My homepage featuring my horse, Gusto, our story, and the Appaloosa breed. I also have a page on Eeyore.
Kbrezins Equestrian Pages Featured Page with info on horses, Parrots and more!! Created by a Heartland Community Leader! Her horse's are her main addiction so you will find out all about her crew. Street Justice, Keepsake Diamond & Dubbs Red Penny.
Kristen's Horse Page A page all about horses. Includes facts, quotes, polls, and more.
(The) Magnetic Horse Information Page Where you will find information on Magnetic Massage for the Horse and Rider. Many forms of massage are becoming the therapy of choice for many equestrians in many forms of riding. Combining some of the most ancient healing arts with modern technology gives us not only treatment for injuries, but may also go a long way towards prevention due to increased flexilitity and circulation. This web site is dedicated to educating equestrians on equine anatomy as well as what therapies are available to them.
Shane's Horsy Homepage This site is all about horses. My own beloved trotter, pedigree-research and such. I also have some baeutiful pics and graphics (not made by me unfortunately). Do you need help with finding a pedigree? Then you've come to the right place.