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"My" Chihuahuas Chihuahua Rescue, My little "Pack" of Chihuahuas, photos, fun and dog/Chihuahua related info.
Nebraska Border Collie Rescue Nebraska Border Collie Rescue is dedicated to helping Border Collies find loving homes. We provide them with necessary medical treatment, spay/neuter, vaccinations, grooming and training before they can be placed for adoption. Please visit our site to see the Border Collies that are available for adoption. If we find the right home, and you are outside of our area, travel arrangements can be made.
Samoyed Rescue Canadian Samoyed Rescue is dedicated to the rescue of the Samoyed Breed. Visit to see our rescues, stories and how to help!
Snaketamers Reptile Rescue Reptile Rescue - reptile caresheets, pictures, herptological dictionary, color morph guide, Snakes of Michigan, more all the time!
Sue's Furry Family This page is a tribute to past animal friends and also shows you my present ones. It gives links to other web sites I like dealing with animals, has shelter stories about animals I have known, gives lots of links to shelters and rescue organizations and even has some clip art.
Twin Cities Animal Rescue Page Animal rescue info just for Minneapolis and St. Paul. Events, links, local volunteer opportunities, and homeless Minnesota animals up for adoption.