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Blair's Guinea Pig Palace! If you are a new guinea pig owner or are thinking about getting a guinea pig, you should visit my site! You can also "adopt" a cyber guinea from my page! :)
Cavie Playground A beginners Guide to owning Guinea Pigs Written by a first time owner.
Cavy Heaven This site is all about me and my guinea pigs! We have a photo album, webrings to join, a guestbook to sign and you can even apply to win my award! Please come visit my piggers site they have put alot of hard work and effort into this site for you the web users!!
Chameleon Crazy Chameleon Crazy is a site dedicated to one of the most interesting reptiles around. Chameleons. You will find tips about their captive husbandry as well as photos and much, much more.
Dooks88's House of Small Fuzzies Your home for information about small animals such as gerbils, hamsters, ferrets, rats/mice, rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, and sugar gliders!
Hamsters' Paradise A paradise for hamster lovers!
Iguana Care The care of Iguana's. Feeding, bathing, housing, lighting, roaming, pictures of "Dawg" my Iguana, purchasing an Iguana.
Kevin & Sarah's Rat Page This site is loaded with info on care, health, and pictures of pet rats. Plus links to other pet rat pages.
Love My Iguanas If you love iguanas come visit "Love My Iguanas" a website hosted BY AN IGUANA!
Luv-A-Lot Caviary Wade and Debbie, proud slave of: Arthur, Licorice, Patch, Spice Boy and Coconut( and her 3 babies)(Silkies) Hansel, Gretel, Lollipop, Candy, No Foolin, Cutie, Flower, Wilbur, Treasure(and her 3 babies), Pride, Hurrah, Celebrate, Crackle, Abercrombie, Sabrina, Checkers and Purdy (Smoothes). Teddy Bear, Rhyme(and her 4 babies), Raisin, and Uno (Teddies). 36 piggies in all!
(The) Millers Pet Page Hi! Our page is all about our pets. There are some great pictures of guinea pigs, dogs, frogs, and more. We also have a guinea pig information area where you can learn how to take care of the cute little critters! Come and visit, and say "hi" to our pets.
My Little Home I have chipmunks, hamsters and cockatiel in my home. They are all my lovely friends and would like to be your friends, too. If you lovely animals, please come to meet us.
(The) Rat Lover This page was created with 25 years experience in caring for domestic rats. It includes basic care guide, general information regarding rats as pets, and upcoming will be a complete and comprehensive home medical guide (for those that can't find a veterinarian to treat their pet rat), plus photos and more.
(The) Rat Palace Come to the cyberhome of three London rats, Alfie, Max and Eric. Read stories about us, find out what makes us laugh and see photos of us in the gallery. You can even read our human friend's travel diaries!
(The) Rat Palace Snoopy the Rat's home on the web... learn all about Snoopy, his home, and all of his rat and gerbil friends.
Sigi's Sauhaufen My site is about guinea pigs but also features photographs of my other pets, i. e. cats, rabbits, birds, gerbils. There is a lot of information about the breeding, keeping and showing of guinea pigs on my site, and I issue a nice award for other good web sites.
Super Guinea Pig A great guinea pig site filled with info., pics, links, and more about these wonderful creatures!
Toby Speaks Out! All about life as an iguana... from the iguana's point of view!