Rick. Mirror Lake Grand Tetons

Born 1953 in McKeesport PA, I went to art school and headed for New York City in '73.  I started getting into photography, music and began Dj'n.  Eventually, I landed a job at the infamous 12 West. 

I left NYC finding myself traveling through Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and North Carolina working on environmental apprenticeships. That was quite an experience in itself seeing no one but my goats and dog for up to a month. 

Paris: Sacre Cour
I really grew to love the solitude and quiet. You really get to know yourself when you're alone.  Settling back in the Pittsburgh area in the Early 80's, I ended up starting my own landscaping business and a friend got me a job Dj'n in a local bar. It certainly wasn't 12 West but I enjoyed it. This is where I met Scott in '89. Well, you know how the rest goes….Here is some more of the photography and art  I still dabble in

.Come hear some of the Music I make