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Osceola can be seen as part of the Birds of Prey Show at Dollywood in The Eagle Mountain Sanctury through October. Osceola is part of the educational program provided by AEF and Dollywood

Osceola is a permanently disabled and Non-Releasable bald eagle cared for by the American Eagle Foundation and possessed under educational permits issued by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. Osceola has a full wing amputated and can no longer survive in the wild, but has been trained and used in environmental educational programs since 1983. John Stokes with 32 years experience is not only a hang glider pilot, but also has 30 years experience as a professional eagle caretaker and environmental educator now employed (as of 2007) by Save Our American Raptors, Inc. (www.soarsouth.blogspot.com)and currently conducts educational programs at Rock City (www.seerockcity.com) above Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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