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    Free Plays by D. M. Bocaz-Larson

    Most Popular * Short * One Acts * Full Lengths * Children and Teens * Small Cast * Save the Earth

    These plays are for young performers and/or young audiences (up to age 17). Any of these plays may be used at no cost in the classroom. Please obtain permission to use the scripts for performances at pocolocoplayers@yahoo.com. Thank you and enjoy the scripts!

    Children's Plays

    Plays for All Ages * Plays for Teens

    "Peggy the Pint Sized Pirate"

    Featured Plays

    "The Gingerbread Girl" - This wacky new play takes place after the story of the Gingerbread Man. It's a mix of the fairy tales and the story of Frankenstein!

    "Sleeping Handsome" - A Full Length Children's Play - 5-6 main characters with flexible number of extras

    "Teen Angel"

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    Plays for All Ages

    "Beauty IS a Beast" Children's Comedy - flexible cast (run time: 50-60 minutes)

    "Have You Hugged An Orphan Today: A Modern Robin Hood" - Full Length Children's Comedy - flexible cast

    "Holka Polka!" - A Fairy Tale Mystery - 6+ female, 2+ male, 11+ either and optional extras

    "Jackie and the Chilestalk" - A children's play - 7 actors

    "The Owl, the Bull and the Forest" - A short Children's Play - 2 actors (with possible extras)

    "Peggy the Pint Sized Pirate" 15 minute version with 7 characters+optional extras or 30 minute version 14 characters+optional extras

    "Songs of the Pioneers" - A children's musical using traditional pioneer songs - 8 or more actors + extras

    "The Star" - A Full Length Children's Play - flexible cast [html]
    (run time: 45 minuntes)

    "Unicorns and Alley Cats" - A short Children's Play - 2 actors

    "Why Don't They Care What Happens to the Earth?" - A Full Length Children's Play - 5 actors (female or male)

    Sleeping Handsome
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    "The Hysterical History of the Trojan War

    The Trojan War has never been so funny. This is still Homer's story but with a twist. 13-18+ speaking roles and potential for unlimited extras.

    NEW! "Dragon Trouble" Children's Play

    Susie Sally Sassafras and her fairy friends like to make a lot of trouble. They decide to create problems in the peaceful kingdom of Chalupa. The play has a flexible cast with anywhere from 8 characters to dozens of parts. You can see a movie version of the play on YouTube.com

    "Magic Camp"

    A play in the tradition of Harry Potter where five kids with magical powers attend their first magic camp.

    Best Viewed as PDF [114kb] * Also available in Rich Text Format [82kb] or HTML [645kb]

    Plays for ages 12 and older

    "Baklavia" Full Length Comedy - 9 w 9 m [html]
    [rtf file - 174 KB]

    "Big Nose: A Modern Cyrano" - Full Length Comedy - flexible cast [html]
    [rtf file - 103 KB]

    "Big Nose: A Modern Cyrano" - 10 minute selection - flexible cast [html]

    "Birmingham Jail" - One Act from the writings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - flexible cast [html]

    "Borders" - One Act about prejudice along the Texas border - 3 w 1 m [html]
    [rtf file - 35 KB]

    "Creepy Corpse of Cal Capone" Short Melodrama/Farce - 4 to 10 w and 2 to 8 m - 12 total [html file]

    "Ebony Scrooge: A Modern Christmas Carol" - female version of classic story - One Act - flexible cast [html]
    [rtf file - 37 KB]

    POPULAR! "Fart-Zen" - very short play for three or more actors (any gender) [html]

    "Ghost Hunters of Route 666" - Short Comedy - 2 w 3 m [html] [rtf format]
    A play for ages 12 and over

    "The Green Chile Rebellion of 1899" - An Old West Comedy - 8 w 10 m +optional extras [html]

    POPULAR! "Hippies, Housewives, and Watering Holes" - 10 minute play - 2 w 1 m [html]

    "Much Madness" - One Act - 3 w [html]

    "The Outlaws of Candy Kitchen" [html] This melodrama mixes real life history with local legend to create a new story that's fun for the whole family. 4-9 female, 5-10 male (14 total)

    "Replenish the Earth" - One Act - 1 m 2 w [html]

    "Romanian Uranium Mystery" - Interactive audience participation mystery as one act or full mystery dinner theatre script - eight characters [html]

    "Screamy Youie Kicky Booty" - Short Comedy - 2 actors [html] [rtf format]
    A play for ages 12 and over

    "Seeing Beyond with Maya Fantasma" - Short Comedy - 3 w 1 m [html] [rtf format]
    A play for ages 12 and over

    POPULAR! "Teen Angel" - One Act - 5 w 2 m extras [html]

    The following play are for mature teen actors

    "Flowers in the Desert" Full Length Drama - 7 w 2 m [html]
    [rtf file - 203 KB]

    "John and Maggie" - One Act about a modern Mary and Joseph - 1 w 1 m 1 girl [html]

    "Pearls of Wisdom" Monologue-Woman [html]
    Click here for script with pictures from New York production

    "Nobody Famous" - One Act - 6 w [html]

    "The Redneck" - One Act - 4 w 3 m [html]

    "Trinity Rises" [html] Trinity Rises is the story of a young woman who is dealing with the damage to her family and her community as a result of uranium mining. Is her grandfather a Cold War Patriot or a victim of a government who put the creation of nuclear weapons before the health of the miners? She wants to protest against the government but will anyone join her? Does the promise of economic prosperity outweigh the health risks? 2-4 females, 1-3 males (5 total)

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    This page and all scripts: Copyright (c) 2002-present by Doug Bocaz-Larson

    Page last updated 2008