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Welcome to St. Olaf Hunter-Net, an online resource for participants in (as far as we know) the only two Hunter: The Reckoning campaigns currently being run at St. Olaf College.


The Sunday night game is GMed by the wonderful Iain.  It’s set in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, where the PCs are exploring the origins of the imbued and trying to restart Hunter-Net (which is no longer active in this game world).  It began in early October 2001 and has been going strong ever since.  The Thorson Hall game is Beth’s and claims Madison, Wisconsin for its setting.  It began in September 2002 and happens on Friday nights.


This website is maintained by Beth (GM of the Thorson game, player of Charlotte Bishop, and former player of Marta Calderón).  If you are a participant and have questions or comments about this material, you know how to contact her.  If you are not a participant, email her here.  She will be glad to pass correspondence along to the others if need be.


Now, on to the good stuff!



Monday Night Game


A quick rundown on PCs past and present and important NPCs.


Episode summaries of our continually developing plot.


Quotes from all the episodes.


The best of the quotes, hand-picked for those who find the full version somewhat daunting.


Track listings for the soundtrack CD we made.


By popular demand, the Sunday night Hunter drinking game.



Thorson Hall Game


House rules for Beth’s game.


Details on PCs and important NPCs.


Quotes from each game session.



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