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This page endeavors to list what I consider to be the best gaming-related sites the 'Net has to offer.  I plan to focus mostly on the World of Darkness games, since they’re what I most frequently play, but of course I won't exclude excellent sites for other games.  If you know of a site I should really check out, please email me and fill me in.



Corporate/Official Sites


Wizards Of The Coast -- The makers of Magic, D&D, Pokemonn, and tons of other RPGs and CCGs have a great site, of course.


While Wolf Online -- Quite a lovely site by the makers of Vampire, Werewolf, Wraith, Mage, etc.


General World of Darkness Sites


B.J. Zanzibar's World Of Darkness -- Endless amounts of info on every conceivable White Wolf Storyteller game.


Ex Libris Nocturnis -- Tons of articles on White Wolf stuff..  Very nice.


Mant's Lair - WoD Storyteller Resources -- Just like it says.  Well done.


The World Of Darkness -- Mostly archived posts from WoD newsgroups.  Lots of useful stuff here, although it may require some digging.


Ldy Mox's WoD Graphics Page -- Looking for cool, free pics and such for your WoD page?  Well look no further.


White Wolf: Storyteller -- Very useful at-a-glance tables for storytellers, especially those running crossover campaigns.


Axis Mundi--A World Of Darkness Roleplaying Source -- All original WoD stuff, all the time.


Chronicles Of The Last Ones -- Not a whole lot of stuff, but what's here (on Vampire, Mage, and Werewolf) is quite good.


Dark Catacombs -- Some nifty things about Vampire, Mage (Hollow Ones, especially, should take note of this!), and Werewolf.


Templeton Institute Of Advanced Human Dynamics – Not only a great title, but also a great resource for Vampire, Werewolf, and Mage.


Zombie: The Coil -- Cool homebrew Storyteller-system gamee that lets you play the living dead, bwahahahaha!


World Of Darkness Purity Test -- score on this test kinda frightens me...check it out and see if you get freaked, too.  *G*


Changeling: The Dreaming Sites


The Moonlit Trod – A beautifully designed site, with general and specific info on many aspects of the game.  One of the best.


Scattered Dreams – A ginormous amount of information on all facets of Changeling.  An essential resource.


Mage: The Ascension Sites


Anders Mage Page -- The quintessential (ha ha) Mage site.  Lots of articles, lots of everything.  Superb!


Online Rote Database -- Niiiiiice.  You tell them your tradition and spheres, they tell you rotes you can learn.  Me likey.


The Book Of Nasty -- Or, "Dirty Tricks Your Mentor NEEVER Wanted You To Know."  Ouch, this is bad.  It's awful.  I love it.  (c;


The Brotherhood -- Tradition page for Akashic Brotherhood mages.


Paradigma Online -- Sons of Ether web journal detailing &"discoveries" and other events.  Quirky, clever, and cool.


Etheric Musings -- More Sons of Ether stuff.  The page that taught me that "Mage: The Ascension" is an anagram for "Steam Engine Chaos"...


The Roleplaying Hub Of The Apocalypse -- Still more articles.  Still more Sons of Ether stuff.  Quite nice.


Celes' Forest -- Yet more tradition-specific info, this time for all you Verbena out there...


Blake's Home Sector -- The Advanced Magick System, rotes, miscellaneous character stuff, etc.  Good Virtual Adept resource.


Joshua's Mage: The Ascension Resource -- Good basic info for newbies, but not much for experienced players.


Logan's Page-O-Mage -- More general info, original material, and some good links.


Babb's Mage Page -- Lots of original writing for campaigns, and some other nifty things.


Non-Gothy, Mostly Angst-Free Vampire: The Masquerade Sites


The Hall Of Sorrow -- (Almost) all the character creation aand game play info you need.  One of the best Vampire sites out there.


Sanguinus Curae -- Another beautifully designed, incredibly informative resource for Vampire players.


MasqNet -- Good basic info on all the major clans.  Hasn't been updated in awhile, but hey, that's okay too.


The Prankthology -- The fine art of vampiric pranking.  It's not just for Malkavians anymore! – As much as I really don’t like this clan, even I have to admit that this is a pretty impressive site...


Oakthorne's World Of Darkness – Some excellent general and in-depth info for Vampire players at all levels.


Vampire Humor, Fun, And Games -- Has the Antediluvian sketches--required reading for the non-serious Vampire player.  Just go there now, okay?


What To Tell The Six-Year-Old You Just Embraced -- Heh.  Very clever, this.  Check it out.


Werewolf: The Apocalypse Sites


Garou -- Good basic info on making Werewolf chharacters.  Useful if you ever get caught without a player's handbook.


The Caern Of The Wyld -- Something for everyone: storytelling and playing tips, links, and much more nifty stuff.  A great page.


White Wolf Storyteller Resources -- Fonts, character sheets, handouts, and other useful stuff for Werewolf storytellers.


Kanane'sgi's Uktena Lodge -- A lovely page for a fascinating Garou tribe.  Love, love, LOVE the Oingo Boingo quote at the beginning!


White Howler Home Page -- Like it says...all the stuff you'll need to play a member of this lost tribe, if you so desire.


Virtual Reality Moon Phase -- Hey, guess what?  I'm a Galliard!  Cool!  Find out your auspice here (although I doubt that was the intended use...)


Shadowrun Sites


Shadowsource -- Wow.  If you're looking for Shadowrun info, start here.  Contact other runners, download info, and that's just the beginning...


Blackjack's Shadowrun Page -- An extremely close second.  Lots and lots and lots of places to play in...


The Shadowrun Archive -- Excellent!  Articles, links, and more Shadowrun stuff than you can shake a really, really big stick at.


Here There Be Shadows -- Expanded rules, new gear and character classes, and the ever popular "Shadowrun Humanity Test."


Porthos' World of Shadowrun -- Background info, places, characters, humor, etc.


Shadow's World -- Very insightful and informative rantss, locations, player and GM advice, and more.


Angels -- Cool new metahuman race...gotta work this into a game somehow...


General Resources


Wowee - The Roleplaying Index -- An entire search engine and database devoted to RPGs. Roleplaying Games -- Lots of general RPG info and links to things you never knew existed! -- Product reviews, message boards, links, humor, and much, much more.


WebRPG – A free, nifty way to feed your gaming addiction online..  Also, an online gamer database, forums, links, fun stuff, etc.


RPG Host -- Online games, message boards, product reviews, links, and more.  Make sure to check out the surveys--I'm a regular!


RPG Gateway -- Reviews, a gamer database, news, downloads, chat rooms, an enormous amount of links...all you could ask for.


Everspire -- A great, extensive links resource.  Also, breaking news and other cool stuff.


FantasyHoo -- HUGE web directory for SF and fantasyy stuff also has a nice selection of gaming links.


The Dark Library -- A nicely designed newer site that is a growing repository of gaming info.


Legolas' RPG Index -- Tons of RPG info and a super-nifty free homebrew system you really oughta check out.


Effie Rover's RPG Library -- Extensive index of D&D rules and info, links, reviews, a fantastic gamer database, and so on.


Digital Fortress -- Vast archive of materials for D&DD (2nd ed.), WoD, Star Wars, GURPS, and others.


Places To Go, People To Be -- A clever, informative online magazine for roleplayers everywhere.


Articles, Essays, Rants, Advice, Etc.


BlackHat Matt's Guide To Roleplaying And Storytelling -- Some of the best "how-to" gaming articles I've ever read.  Make sure to check this out.


The Burning Void RPG Resources Page -- Great!  Reviews, articles on games, info on writing for the RPG industry, and beyond.


Ramblings Of A Mad Gamer – Fun info, well-written and interesting opinions, and a great title to boot.  Go here, you’ll like it.


A Role-Player’s Sanctuary – GCP regular Al Ray presents gaming-related poetry, fiction, and essays (his own and others’). -- Homepage for a newsletter delivering some very useful general gaming tips.


Uncle Figgy's Guide To Good GameMastering -- A must read for anyone who's new to the whole DM/GM/ST thing, or just wants to improve.


MisterBaldy's Bazaar -- More excellent essays on gaming and some good resources for Vampire players.


Tales From The Green Dragon Inn – Fiction, linkages, and other fun stuff by a GamerChickPlanet regular.  Woohoo!


For Gamer Chicks


Women In Gaming -- The single best resource out there for female gamers...articles, discussion, links, and more!


Hazel's Women In Gaming Room -- Essays about being a female gamer, and other cool stuff.


Saving Throw For Half Cooties -- The best article on women and gaming that I have ever read.  Go there now!


Gaming Advocacy


The Escapist -- Semi-official site of the Committee for the Advancement of Role-Playing Games (CAR-PGa), which defends the role-playing hobby against charges of satanism and immorality.  A great cause, and a great page!


The Avenging Dragons -- Great pro- and anti-gaming links, and more.


Dungeons & Dragons -- Excellent overview of the gaming and satanism debate; also provides links.


Sources About Role-Playing Games -- HUGE list of gaming-related articles, studies, papers, and other resources.


Ideas & Knowledge FAQ -- The FAQ of a mailing list that discusses and promotes kids role-playing.  Very informative and convincing.


A Parent's Guide To Role-Playing Games -- Does a beautiful job of explaining the basics.  What to show to those people who just don't get it.


Christian Gamers Guild -- The title about says it all--possibly the best refutation of the satanism charges out there.


Humor & Miscellaneous


The Game Of Satan -- Yes, this page is a JOKE.  The author has said so himself.  Considering it as such, you have gotta see's great. -- Share your crazy gaming stories with the world.  I hang out here way more than I should...


Dice Tales – The original crazy-gaming-story site is back and better than ever!


The Gamers' Purity Test -- The one, the only, the infamous.  Have fun comparing scores with your friends...


Critical Miss: The Magazine For Dysfunctional Roleplayers – An absolutely hilarious monthly webzine including free games and much more funny stuff.


Canonical List Of Famous Last Words -- Those things your character says just before dying...and more of them than you ever knew existed...really.


Blaize O'Glory's RPG Character Post-Mortem Hall Of Fame -- Where you, too, can memorialize those poor deceased characters of yours.


The Gamer Jargon Web Site -- A nifty lexicon of gaming terms, some classic gamer humor, a store, and more.


Roleplaying Laughs -- Lots of general gaming and World of Darkness (mainly Vampire) humor.


WebRPG Surveys -- No longer updated, but the old Top 20 lists are always good for a laugh.


Chris Pound's Name Generator -- For those of you who always have problems naming characters.  I guarantee you'll find one here. – Lots of character sheets.  Lots and lots of character sheets.


Fanboy: The Unbathed -- Sounds totally awful, but is actually a well-done, clever, silly tribute to gamers and geeks everywhere.



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