Revolutionary Justice or Political Murder?
Great publicity surrounded the firing squad executions that began in 1959. Their purpose was to terrorize, as seen in the case of Col. Cornelio Rojas. The executions continue to this day and are politically motivated.


executed      18,000
extrajudicial assassinations        1,000
disappeared          250
died in prison for lack of medical attention            50
murdered in prison by guards (brutality)          500
extrajudicial assassinations of women, for different causes          150
Sub-total for extrajudicial killings      20,400
political prisoners who reportedly committed suicide in prison          200
died at sea attempting to flee "balseros" - estimate based on Coast Guard estimates of casualties      83,000
Cubans killed in "internationalist-solidarity" wars in Africa      10,000
Total    113,600

The above numbers don't include deaths caused by Batista regime, documented by Armando Lago at 2,500, of which 2,200 are deaths in military battles in the Sierra Maestra, mostly soldiers, and 300 were murdered by Batista security forces.

To put these numbers into some context, note that all deaths reported during the entire Pinochet regime in Chile totaled no more than 3,100, a figure which includes the disappeared.

Nota Bene: Following the journalistic code of reporting by the Voice of America (VOA), two independent sources are used to confirm report of incident.

Photo credit: Juan Clark, Ph.D. Cuba: Exodus, Living Conditions and Human Rights.



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