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Wanted - Top 300+

CD collecting is a great passion of mine, and I have compiled a list of discs that are tops on my list. 300 doesn't really scratch the surface...my real wantlist presently contains over 5000 titles! i am mainly looking for things that are out-of-print or limited edition, although some titles on this list are ones i have already found and just haven't had the chance to buy yet. the ones i have NEVER seen anywhere are in italics, and what i need from you are leads on independent dealers or stores where you have seen these items for sale. if you have any of these items and are willing to sell or trade them, please email me at: puppykisser@reocities.com with price/negotiation information. If you're curious about what i already have, just take a look below!

300+ Most Wanted Music Titles

Puppykisser's 2nd Line Wantlist

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    Malignant Records Plug!!

    Fans of industrial/extreme music in the Washington, D.C./Baltimore area...looking for *great* music at unbelievably cheap prices??? Try Malignant Records. Malignant Records is a mail order house run by Jason Mantis out of Baltimore, Maryland. He carries CDs and vinyl on labels such as Ant-Zen, Tesco, Hands, Praxis Dr. Bearmann, Cold Meat Industry, Slaughter Productions, Old Europa Cafe, Functional, and many others, including releases on his own label, Malignant. Most of these items are imports though the low prices might lead you to think otherwise. Jason is very friendly and responsive, and has an extensive knowledge regarding music, so if you're in the market for some interesting new tunes, don't hesitate to e-mail Jason. You'll be amazed that such an abundant resource is lurking right in your own backyard!!!