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Show & Sell is a Free CGI Perl 5 script which allows you to set up and log the display of clickable advertisements on your web site.

Current Version : 1.07

Features Include:
  • A simple and quick installation process

  • A user friendly form based configuration system including password protection

  • Server Side Include (SSI) and Non-SSI Versions

  • Ability to add a slogan (SSI Only) and destination web site for each advertisement

  • Full control over the slogan font, it's size and it's colour

  • Support for GIF (including animated GIF) and JPG files

  • Optional logging of all displays and clicks of advertisements

  • Statistics showing the number of times each advert has been displayed or clicked

  • Generates HTML code for displaying adverts

  • Multi-User support designed for Internet Service Providers and Web Hosting companies


"Excellent script and thank you for offering it for free!!" - Terralord

"Awesome Script" - Lorri Nevil

"Your scripts one of the best i've seen!" - Sadiq Jaffer

"Thanks for offering this for free. Says alot." - Dan Hufnal

"Thank you for providing the excellent Show & Sell script for free public use." - Christopher Muller

"I'd like to say that your script is probably the most useful and user-friendly free script I've encountered." - Kerry Dye

"Your script is a peice of art work! It installed without a hitch thanks to your detailed instructions on your site." - John Kelly


Voted Banner Advertisement script at the CGI Resource Index.

Demo Sites:

KaelinWeb - FREE POSTCARDS, Marketing, Site Design & Site Promotion
RailServe - The Internet Railroad Directory

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