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KRISHNATTAM EPISODE - Kala Yavana from Swayamvara

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Photos taken by A. Harindranath on October 27, 2004 at Guruvayur Temple.

Yavana - Shankaranarayanan
Krishna - Devidasan Nair
Muchukunda - Krishnan Nambudiri

Translation from Krishnagiti
Sloka 8
O Lord! O Deva! During this time, the ruler of Yavanas (Kala Yavana) came and surrounded the city of Mathura. The raging Yavana was supported by highly skilled and angry warriors. He desired terrible fighting which frightens even great heroes.

Sloka 9
When the Lord of Mlechhas encircled the city you created Dwaraka using your great yogic power and transferred all your people there. Then coming out of the city, feeling a bit amused, you started running as if you are frightened. The ruler of Yavanas followed you. You went inside a cave and hid there. Inside the cave Yavana mistook the sleeping Muchukunda for you and kicked him. Muchukunda turned Yavana into ashes (by looking at him).

Translated by A. Purushothaman based on the Malayalam translation of Prof. P.C. Vasudevan Elayath